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Ensign Nyka Wyss - Lay it all out

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I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! 🤣 Great job, Nyka!


((USS Juneau - Sickbay))

Wyss:  I gotta know…  gotta know if it worked.

There was no way she was going to rest until she found out if the syphon was a success.  There was also no way she could fight the hands that were ushering her back to the biobed.  All she could do to resist was kind of cling to the person so that she didn’t take an embarrassing nose dive straight to the floor.

Bellweather:::pulling the blanket up:: Relax Kid, Cadfael has things well in hand, we're all safe'n'sound...thanks to you ::squeezing her shoulder.

As soon as Nyka hit the biobed, she gave up the fight and reached for her aching head. 

Wyss:  Uhhgn… why do I feel like I drank the warp core?

Bellweather:::smirking:: more like swam through it Luv. ::patting her arm:: you're lucky Karise was here, she saved your life.

The use of Doctor Indobri’s first name caused a hiccup in Nyka’s brain for a split second.  Personally, Nyka had never called the Rodulan Karise so it took a moment to figure out who she was talking about.  That alone added to the crap factor of how she felt.  Wait… what the hell was a Cadfael?  Was it an acronym for something?  Was this dark haired woman named Cadfael?

There were so many questions running through the Nyka’s fried head in that singular moment, but she was only able to pluck the most important one from the muck.

Wyss:  What happened?

Indobri: oO You died! That’s what happened! Oo

The engineer winced at the painful words.  Each one seemed to pierce her skull like a stabby little icepick.  The origin of the voice wasn’t clear, but she gathered it was her own conscious yelling at how stupid she had been.

Bellweather:::raising a brow:: Outstanding question. I'm not a hundred percent sure what happened but the CHENG was able to keep us from blowing up. As for you, you're out of immediate danger, but will need a lot of rest. My hope is there is no permanent damage ::smiling warmly:: time will tell.

Cheng?  Was that a person?  No, not Cheng.  THE CHENG.  The Chief Engineer.  They had a Chief Engineer?  Since when?  Just how long had she been unconscious?

Wyss:  ::sighing::  Ugh.  Nothing makes sense...

She was trying to recall the events in the M/ARA, but the fragmented information she was hearing only made things more fuzzy and confusing. Nyka’s tone was lit with a heavy shadow of gloom.  Her brain felt like it was in a thick fog.

Bellweather:::holding her hand:: Hey, I'm right here and so is Karise. ::squeezing her hand:: I don't give up on my patients and I don't expect them to give up on themselves. ::smiling:: You're never alone.

Wyss’s hazel eyes drifted up to the… was she a doctor or a nurse?  There were two full pips on her collar.  She was a Lieutenant.  Bingo!  That had to count for something.  But having come from a place where medical types weren’t to be trusted, Nyka found herself reverting back to that way of thinking.  In that moment she actually found herself wishing that Indobri was there, even if it meant tip-toeing around awkward subjects. 

Wyss: You sound like a stalker.

A flat joke.  It was the best she could muster to hide her uncertainty about the woman, and well… every-damn-thing.

Bellweather:::laughing:: I may have gotten a little jingoistic ::winking:: all the best Doctors do Kid. ::smiling warmly:: As for you just sit back and rest, the Ship is fine, so I'm giving you permission to focus on yourself. ::digging into a pocket:: Here take this and I'll be right back with something for you to drink ::holding out another blue lollipop:: Trust me I'm The Doctor.

That answered that question.  She was a Doctor.  Her name was Doctor Cadfael.

Nyka absently twisted the stick of the blue lollipop in her fingers, and then gave a lopsided frown at the cartoon Band-Aid on the back of her hand.  She almost smiled at it, but pulled her gaze toward a familiar voice.   

Indobri: Well, look who has returned to the land of the living!

The smile Nyka gave her was soft and welcoming.  She was actually grateful to the Rodulan for the humor, and a great many other things.

Indobri: You know, if you wanted to get my attention, all you needed to do was buy me a few drinks. Stopping your heart probably wasn’t the best choice.

Was Indobri flirting with her, or was Nyka delusional?  It was probably best to give a neutral reply.

Wyss: Sorry about that.

She looked down at the lollipop, and then it registered what was said.

Wyss:  Wait, did I die? 

Indobri: ?

Nyka was entirely buying it.  She remembered passing out a couple of times, but dead?

Wyss: Like… a little dead?  Or a lot dead?  You mean, somewhere in-between dead and not-dead?  Like undead?

Indobri: ?

Wyss:  Oh.  That kinda sucks.

Yep.  That sounded seriously serious.  The redhead paused in thought and then gradually started to ease a smile.  It was customary in her universe to do one thing every time something like this happened.

Wyss:  So, good news.  That makes today officially my new birthday thanks to you.  There will be a mandatory party when I get out of here.

That definitely wasn’t the standard reaction after having left this plane of existence.  Usually somebody might pause and reflect, or somber at their own mortality.  Maybe it would hit her harder later, but right now she was feeling pretty dang lucky.

She held up a finger to stop any comments.

Wyss:  But for now… can you sit with me for a moment?

oO Don’t say no, don’t say no, don’t say no. Oo

There was something she needed to say, and if she waited any longer it was just going to become awkward again.   What was coming probably was a bit of a reflection on her life, or better yet a correction.

Indobri: ?

The redhead scooted over on the bed allowing a space for her to sit.  There was a moment of hesitation, mostly to gather her nerve, but also to find some strength physically and mentally to put the words together.  Conversation wasn’t exactly easy to produce, but if she didn’t say it now, then it might not ever get said.

Wyss:  I’m…

oO Don’t be an [...], just say it. Oo

Wyss:  I’m sorry for the way I left things the other morning, ::frown:: and every day after.

Like ripping off the Klingon band-aid on her hand.  Fast and more painful than it’s supposed to be. 

Indobri: ?

Wyss:  Wait, just let me finish. ::beat:: I like you.  Like, really like you, and I enjoyed our night together. ::blushing:: Like, really enjoyed it.  

Oh, for frak’s sake she sounded like a stupid teenage girl.  She quickly ran a hand over her face in frustration.  This was going poorly.  Time to make a course correction.

Wyss:  Okay, I’m just going to lay it all out. I suck at relationships.  I avoid them like the plague.  They usually end horribly for me, and I freaked out the other morning because well…  If I’m being honest, I don’t usually stick around that long afterwards.  Not that I do that kind of thing a lot, but… oh hell. ::it just went from weird to humiliating::  Forget that last part.  So here it is, I’d like to get to know you better, and I don’t know maybe we just don’t label it anything right now.  You know, in case… I don’t know whatever. ::beat:: That sounded better in my head, and this was a bad idea, and I was dead so I’m not sure what I’m saying.  You probably have patients to check on.

There.  That was an easy out for both of them.


Ensign Nyka Wyss
Engineering Officer
USS Juneau
Author ID I238301T10

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