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Ensign Noah Glover and 2Lt Anthony Meeks - Sparring Session

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((Starbase 118 – Meeks’ Quarters))


What a bang up first day at his first duty assignment. After arriving back at the Starbase, Anthony received his crew quarters assignment and quickly found where he would be living for the immediate future. Having rested on the Narindra, Anthony was ready to get to work.


Training for a Marine was more like leisure than work, so making reservations for a training holodeck was no burden for him. He hadn’t been integrated into the Marine unit on the station, and while he waited for those orders to come through, he figured he might as well sharpen his skills. It was never fun to train alone, so he tapped his combadge while he walked.


((Starbase 118 - Glover's Quarters))


It had been a hell of a first mission for Glover but he came out of it unscathed.  The ride back to the Starbase was one that Noah spent in quiet contemplation, allowing his mind to settle around the events that had taken place.  Having been through such an ordeal and looking death in it's nasty eyes, Noah was thankful for those moments of solitude.


Now that he was back on Starbase 118 he spent the early part of the day getting settled into his new crew quarters.  They were bigger then he had expected, being more roomy then the crew quarters that they had showed them in the academy.  That was one of the big perks of being assigned to a Starbase.  Unpacking didn't take long, just some clothes, a few pictures from home, and some of Noah's favorite books.


Meeks: =/\=Meeks to Ensign Glover=/\=


Glover: =/\= Glover here =/\=


Meeks: =/\= I have an hour of holodeck time and I’m going to do some training. Wanna join in?=/\=


Noah perked up at this.  Anthony and Noah had served together during the academy and during their recent mission the Captain had assigned them both to the Klingon shuttle together.  Noah liked Anthony, he handled himself well during the mission.


Glover: =/\= I would love to.  I will suit up.=/\=


Meeks: =/\=Copy that. I’ll meet ya on Training Holodeck Thirty-Two.=/\=


((Starbase 118 - Training Holodeck Thirty-Two))


Anthony tapped the console outside the door of the holodeck and loaded the program. With a chirp, the computer acknowledged the command and the holodeck doors slid open. Stepping inside, Anthony found himself standing in a mid sixteenth century Japanese dojo. The walls were dark wood framed rice paper and the floor was bamboo matting. Racks of period weaponry lined one of the walls. Taking the time while he waited for his new found friend, Anthony started a stretching routine.


Noah arrived outside the Holodeck shortly there after.  He was unsure exactly what training program they would use and felt it best to be prepared for anything while in his uniform,  so he opted to wear his Starfleet uniform.  Noah smiled when he entered and noticed Anything was already there and stretching.


Glover: Ah, great choice on the program.  I love the martial arts.


Meeks: I figured we’d start slow with some stretches, then work our way into some jujitsu and aikido. How’s that sound to you?


Noah smiled and nodded then quickly joined Anthony and began to do some stretches, making sure his body was prepared for the work Noah was about to put it through.  He was happy to have made friends with a marine, he knew that Anthony would keep him challenged which would prove very useful in his line of work as a security officer.


Glover: I will never get tired of the magic of the Holodeck.  It is like we are really in Japan, I can even smell the Japanese wood.


Meeks: ::Unable to suppress a smile:: It is pretty amazing. Sure beats a sweaty ol’ gym.


Once they were warmed up, the pair moved to the center of the room. They squared up on each other and Anthony moved first. He was a little surprised when Noah slipped to the left of his advance, and before Anthony was able to regain his balance, he found himself on the floor. Rolling to his back, he took up the guard position as Noah mounted him. Bracing himself, Anthony arched his back and locked his legs around Noah’s waist. This kept Noah from being able to strike. They struggled for a few seconds in that position then broke, regaining their feet. 


Meeks: Smooth, Amigo. You got some moves, my friend.


Glover: Your defense game is on point.


Meeks: Let’s try that again.


Glover: Brace for impact Lieutenant. ::chuckles::


Once the motion started, it was Noah who found himself on the floor again. He had dropped to lunge under Anthony’s raised arms and Anthony stepped into his advance. Anthony grabbed Noah around the waist and twisted, throwing Noah onto the bamboo mat. Before Anthony could advance on him, Noah rolled onto his knees and to his feet. It appeared to Anthony he had found a worthy sparring partner in the young Ensign. 


The twisting and turning grappling match went on for the full hour, and by the time the chime sounded, signaling their time was up, both men were sweaty and maybe a little bruised. Anthony grabbed a couple of towels from the rack and tossed one to Noah.


Meeks: Now the only thing left for me to do, is buy you a beer. You game?


Glover: A beer sounds perfect.


Meeks: Promenade in an hour?


Glover: I will see you there.  Thanks for the workout Anthony.  ::smiles and waves goodbye as he exits the Holodeck::


((Starbase 118 - Glover's Quarters))


Noah stepped under the warm water of the shower and released a long sigh as the water massaged his sore muscles.  He couldn't help but smile as he thought back over the past few days, his dreams of being a Starfleet Security Officer finally a reality.  The fact that he had already made friends with Anthony made it even that much better.








Ensign Noah Glover

Security Officer

Starbase 118 Ops





2Lt. Anthony Meeks

Marine Officer - 292nd TMR

Starbase 118 Ops


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