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Ensign R'Ariel - It Starts With the Person Wearing Your Own Shoe

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(( USS Juneau - Temporary Quarters))

The new counselor stood in front of the mirror, applying the last finishing details on her makeup.  She wanted to look perfect for her new assignment, well as perfect as SHE could look.  R'Ariel looked at the Padd containing her orders, and realized how much time she had before reporting in on her new assignment aboard the USS Arrow.  With a few basic navigational inquiries, she found her feet and made a mild-mannered entrance into the Clanhouse, a relaxing Lounge on Deck 10.  She almost got lost twice... not the best thing for nervous energy release.

oO Sure will be nice to have a few less dozen or more less decks to memorize, less chaotic I think. Oo

After arriving she took a seat near a window, she deliberated on her choice of drink.  Would she go with one of her old favorites, or on such an occasion as this, try something new?

Waiter: What can I get you Ensign?:: inquired a friendly, but tired waiter.::

R'Ariel smiled at the waiter, hearing her being referenced as an Ensign, was still a new and pleasant experience.  Behind the waiter she coul see her own reflection in the window behind him, a reflection of herself disappointed in herself for not having decided just yet what she was going to drink.

oO Maybe you should get some milk, just be careful not to get it all over all that hair you have, you don't want to be a mess for your new assignment. oO:: the Deltan side of her reflection seemed to say, silently chiding at her half-Caitian heritage.::

She closed her eyes, and shook her head, before opening them again, intent on replying to the waiter.  Her reflection had changed in the window this time.

oO You wish getting milk on your fur was a problem, you don't even have a single wisp of hair or fur on your entire face. Oo ::her Caitian heritage silently rebuffed::

R'Ariel looked up at the waiter, with an apologetic look.  She half wanted to ask the waiter if he agreed she was an ugly Deltan for having all that hair, or an ugly Caitian for having no hair on her face, or if perhaps, as she endeavored so arduously -if her meticulous attention to style, makeup, and the like, sufficiently covered her unappealing features...

R'Ariel: You know what they say about the psychiatric field... it starts with the person wearing your own shoes. ::R'Ariel quipped with a well rehearsed chuckle::

A confused waiter replied stood there staring at her

Waiter: I'm not sure I know that drink.

R'Ariel: No worries, I...

R'Ariel's combadge chirped, it was time for her to leave, her new life was about to begin.

R'Ariel: I am so sorry, I guess nothing.  Thank you.

(( Bridge - USS Arrow ))

Everything was happening so fast.  She had joined her new crew on the Bridge of the USS Arrow, the trip itself went from null-eventful to just trying to keep from being underfoot, over-eventful.  In fact it was going to take her awhile before she could even review the minute details of how she got here, to this place, right here, right now. 
oO And to think I thought it would be less chaotic here. Oo
Trying to take it all in, it was awe-inspiring and there was Commander Collins, at over 6 feet tall was a strong statement on the Bridge, reminding her in both his physical stature and his rank how little she was - Ensign - 4 foot 2 inches small.  And the emotions on the bridge, it was enough to send little telltale twitches of nervous energy to her tail, it gently thumped on the wall beside her.

oO This is certainly no simulated Cadet exam, these are real life and death decisions with heightened emotions and pheromones to match. Oo

From a workstation in the back, she attempted to monitor things, though the extent of the ship's issues, lockouts, viruses, etc made her efforts seem trivial at best.

Computer: Deletion Halted. Re-installation of Core Systems Commencing.

Collins: Sound off, everyone.

R'Ariel: Ensign R'Ariel, Ship's Counselor reporting in sir!
Anyone: Responses

Ensign R'Ariel
USS Arrow

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