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MSNPC Gach'ah - Burnt Klingon, Extra Crispy Part II

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Slight warning - Klingon justice is pretty dramatically dark, but this was a fantastic read to the end of a very nasty villain!


((IKS qulCha’par – Interior))


Luthas picked the cult leader up by his feet and unceremoniously dragged the man behind him as he followed Lofsha to the bridge which wasn’t the best action to take because now his gag had come off as it untied itself when it scraped against the floor. 


Gach’ah: Such imbeciles! ::head bumps on the ground:: Oof! You cowards! ::head bump:: Oof!


They entered the bridge to find Lofsha’s crew powering up the ship and beginning the processes for take off.


Lofsha: G’maj, find Asoq, beam him to the bridge.


G’Maj: Yes, Commander!


Lofsha: How long until the Death fog is expelled?


Luthas: :: Luthas shrugged :: I lost track when the fighting started so anytime between right now and 7 minutes. :: Probably should have had a timer running. Oh well. ::


Gach’ah: ::chuckles maniacally:: Any moment now and every single one of you will be choking to death on the gas!  


Lofsha: No worries, Gach’ah.  You will see your plan in its glory up close and personal.


Luthas: You’re going to kick him out the airlock? :: That didn’t seem very Klingony but what did he know. :: 


Gach’ah: Oh, so dishonorable of you, Commander. Maybe you should join the Cult of Molor. ::winks with a nasty smirk:: 


Lofsha  gave a single nod and one of her crew punished the cultist with a blow to the chest to keep him still. He laughed as a few coughs expelled from being hit in the ribs. 


Golden light filled the area as the battered but honorable form of another Klingon appeared.  No doubt the one she had asked to be beamed aboard. 


Lofsha: Asoq.  ::A curt greeting:: Friend of my family.  I trust you have made the cultists blood run freely?


Asoq knelt down and put his fist to his chest.


Asoq: Commander, it is an honor to be in your presence.  I took the lives of many traitors today, but far too few for what they all deserved.


Lofsha: This is Gach’ah, dishonorable leader of this despicable place.  ::She waved towards the cultist.:: Do you think he should see his handiwork up close and personal?


Asoq rose to his feet and as he glanced Gach’ah’s way, the cultist snarled and then spat at the Klingon, but it missed by a long shot. 


Asoq: Yes!  Only the beginning of a fitting punishment!


Luthas: If you’re gonna leave him there alive, might I suggest a cement shoes approach. Prevent him from leaving wherever you drop him off. 


Gach’ah: ::confused:: What is cement?


Lofsha: Get one of the cargo weights.  The one that weighs 800 kilograms.  Chain it to him.


Asoq: Commander, let me have the honor of chaining him down.


What in the world? Gach’ah had never heard of these tactics before. He wasn’t sure if they were still messing with him with their own mind games or if they were actually serious. For the first time ever, words escaped him as Lofsha stepped forward, getting right up close and personal to Gach’ah.


Lofsha: I’m going to beam you into your compound, right by the tanks so you can have an up close, front and center personal view of the chaos you have created.  You know, Molor would want it this way.


Both of his thick eyebrows arched clear up his forehead, then when Lofsha stepped away, Asoq took his turn to look into Gach'ah's eyes with his face no more than 6 inches away.


Asoq: I want you to remember that for every honorable Klingon that you had tortured or killed, for every dishonorable act you did, for all of your supposed shrewdness, I was there for the Empire, passing along your every deed.  Doesn't it bother you that you never knew until today that you let a spy into your inner ring?


What would bother him about that? He had done the same thing when he fooled everyone in the Empire. The previous cult leader came up to him during his earlier years and spoke off Molor and what their purpose was. Gach’ah was already sold on the idea essentially just before the leader ended his speech. What was even better had been the fact that the man was someone he would have never guessed to be against the Empire. 


Gach’ah hissed at them both. More so at Lofsha which caused his action caused him to cough up some blood which he spat at them which landed perfectly between their feet. He was about to stand up when all of a sudden, a colored hue of the transporter whisked him away and mere seconds later, he was now back in his compound 


((Inside Compound, Vankoth II))


He didn’t have much mobility since he was still tied up. He pushed himself up as he rested his shoulders and collarbone on the wall, then with some leg strength still available, Gach’ah finally managed to stand. Although how he did that only caused more severe pain from the beating he took from Lofsha’s crew. 


Galven: =/\= Just a few more seconds, sir. =/\= Mr. Taelon, come on! Let’s hurry!


Taelon: I need to shut down the full release or this is pointless. Just - give me a moment - 


The cultist heard a couple voices that echoed down the corridor which was pretty far away. They sounded like Starfleet officers which tickled Gach’ah because he knew that he would’ve been able to kill at least two people. He started off with a limped half jog, but wasn’t that much successful at really going anywhere, but there were maybe a few inches he had managed to get out of his efforts. 


Nijil: =/\= Is everyone in your team with you? =/\= 


Galven: =/\= Negative, sir. I told them to head outside towards your location. =/\=


Nijil: =/\= Understood, ::he had to pause to catch his breath.:: Prepare for transport - =/\= 


Gach’ah: Transport? What?! You filthy miscreants will not hear the last of me! 


A loud rumble which caused a thunderous cracking sounded which caused Gach’ah to turn around since he was actually curious as to what was happening. Not a nanosecond later, an enormous fireball lit up the corridor, then as if sound itself left him behind, a shock wave threw him backwards and he landed with a thud on his back. 


He weakly sat up, but there wasn’t even much of a moment for him to digest as the billowing explosion reached Gach’ah which caused him to start screaming at the top of his lungs as he was engulfed in flame. 


((OOC-The End of Gach’ah!)) 




Former Cult of Molor Leader


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