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Ens. Casparian - Patched up, part 1

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((Bridge – USS Narendra - Azure Nebula))
After having received a knife in her right shoulder from a foul move of their own helm officer, who beamed away before being able to get caught, Romyana had been quickly patched up by doctor Foster and continued to work. The erratic flight moves in the exceptionally rough ship battle caused her to topple over and brought the pain back. 
Casparian: ::flinches as the doctor deftly adjusts the bandage on her shoulder:: I’m sorry for being snappy, Sir, it’s just that there is a lot going on right now. ::taps a few more buttons on the beeping console and huffs::
The hypospray hissed against her neck, taking effect almost immediately. The throbbing pain in her shoulder began to ebb and her snappy behaviour faded away with it. She always reacted cold and defensive, sometimes up to the point of aggressive, when hurt or wronged. It was the quarter Vulcan in her that heightened her emotions without ever having been trained to subdue them.
Foster: Don’t feel bad.  I’ve been in the fleet for seven years and this is a new one on me.
Casparian: ::gives him a quick appreciative smile:: Really? I wish I could say that makes me feel better, but truthfully… it scares me a bit to know that this is a highly exceptional situation even for the senior staff. How can they stay so calm?
The blue skinned Andorian doctor cast a glance at Taybrim and Maxwell.
Foster: Experience.  ::he stated simply.  He just knew it in his bones.  There were things that didn’t cause him to flinch anymore either because of experience.:: They’re done this before… and lived to tell the tale about it.
Casparian: ::nods:: This is my first time as a bridge officer on a starship and-- ::beeps on her console briefly took her attention and she entered some commands using both hands:: Anyway, I joined Starfleet to meet and learn about new things and meet different people, but I know this is part of the job too, to defend.
There was determination in her eyes when she said that last remark and subconsciously she stood a bit taller. She was proud of what the federation stood for and she was going to do her best to defend it against rogue organisations such as the Cult of Molor who tried to undermine it.
Foster: This is true.
He finished up the better bandaging to ease the majority of the pain and gave her arm a gentle pat in the uninjured area, both for support and to let her know that everything was done.
Casparian: What about you, Sir? ::gives the bright blue eyed Doctor an inquisitive look and a friendly smile:: What appealed to you to become a doctor on a starship, if I may ask?
Foster: Grew up on a Starship, Dad was a Starfleet Doctor.  I followed in his footsteps.
Casparian: ::nods thoughtfully::
Foster: What about you?
Casparian: Why I joined Starfleet? Because...::drops her head briefly:: because of many reasons, ::looks back up at the doctor:: but mostly to see all the wonderful things that the universe has to offer, to explore, ::her eyes brightened more and more with every word:: explore places, explore cultures and meet people--really get to know them.
She stopped there, though she could go on and on. She felt at ease talking to the outgoing and talkative Andorian doctor. If he had lived on a starship he must have seen a lot! So many questions popped into her head. Though, maybe the ship’s bridge in the middle of a death defying ship battle, it wasn’t the place to talk like this.
Foster: You know what?  If we live… ::he paused, looked at her, realized he had three pips on and corrected himself:: When we live through this, let’s sit down and just chat over coffee or something.  Something normal, quiet, not-shooty.
Casparian: Yes, it’d like that very much, Sir. ::smiles joyfully:: Someplace where there are no knives!
Foster: It’s a deal.  ::He looked up as the Captain raised his voice again to address the whole bridge:: Oh boy, I think it’s brace for impact time again…
Casparian: It is. Hold on tight, Sir. ::grasps the edge of her console firmly with one hand and slightly bends her knees to brace herself.::
With the pain gone, her normal positive attitude was back completely. And the little chat with the Andorian, who was rather more expressive than usual for his kind, made her anxiousness fade, now replaced with renewed confidence and determination.
Taybrim: After this is done, we have to prepare for the final stand. The loq’Noom should be in place.  We’ll take any opportunity we can get.  ::He sat in the command seat again.:: Prepare the slingshot, on Lt Blackwell’s mark.
Maxwell: ::To Blackwell:: How far up their noses can you get us?
Blackwell/Taybrim: ? 
Casparian: The repair teams are still working on the shields, Sir. We need...more time.
She wished she could give them an exact number, but she knew the time her colleagues were trying to buy them was measured in mere minutes. None of the repairs would be fully complete, emergency patch-ups perhaps. She could only signal Chief Engineer Hael who was orchestrating everything down in engineering to hurry, and be ready for some more heavy duty flying.
Drevas: We could give them a couple of shots across their hull, draw attention to us as we move, sir. Get them angry so that they become reckless.
Maxwell: Ever heard the old earth term, “kamikaze”?
Casparian: ::flicks her head around to Maxwell:: Surely you don’t want us to actually... ::swallows:: collide?
Her eyes were wide with disbelief and terror. She could already imagine the structural damage such a move would make, if they would survive the move at all, they would be dead in the water and easy pickings.
Blackwell/ Taybrim: ?
Maxwell: So we give it clogs tae make some space between us and them and boost what repairs we can. Then the fun begins. ::He leaned back in his seat slightly.:: We drop impulse and pull a one-eighty via thrusters. ::He grinned again as he thought of it like a handbrake turn.:: Then we give her all she's got and go at them.
Blackwell/Taybrim: ?
Casparian: The engines and thrusters are fine, Sir. They can support that kind of move, yes.
Before she could warn them about the need for the shields and integrity fields to keep the ship from ripping itself apart, the tactical officer already continued to explain the rest of his daredevil plan.
Maxwell: We'll be down their throats before they know it. We give them volley ae everything as we pass by and it'll take them fair time tae turn about and chase us. By that point we can scoop the away team and be halfway home before they have chance tae scratch their heads.
Blackwell/Taybrim: ?
Casparian: Aye, Sir.
She was definitely not happy with the plan, but she had learnt in the academy that it was not her place to question orders, out loud at least, and when a plan was decided upon, to work as a team to make the best of it. She began dancing her fingers across her console to get everything ready for their, hopefully, final stand.
((Short Timeskip between part 1 & 2)) 
(END of PART 1)


    Ensign Romyana Casparian
    Engineering Officer
    Starbase 118 Ops - USS Narendra
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