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pNPC KDF Commander Janul - The House Janul Built

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((Bridge -IKS Deshk-Var.))


In light of the Chang-Vorch's departure, the Deshk-Var and Vr'Chok had moved alongside each other for a full frontal assault on the Narendra. Janul gripped the arms of his command throne as the vessels powered onwards.

This was going to be a day to remember. His House and the Empire would be rid of a great enemy.

The sensors bleated as the USS Narendra hammered over the planets horizon at what seemed to be full speed. There had been no warning of a course change, and Janul was quietly taken by surprise at the sheer aggression shown.

He knew the Narendra's crew were far from cowards, but this was completely unexpected.


Janul: Helm, maintain postion with the Vr'Chok. Allow Starfleet to pass between us.


Helm: Aye, commander.


He glanced over at the Warrioress at the tactical/weapons station, the two sharing a slight nod.

It had taken heartbeats for the Narendra to be right on top of them. Almost close enough to reach out and punch.


Janul: Get me the Narendra.


The viewscreen changed to show the Narendra's bridge, with Captain Sal Taybrim sat at its centre.

Janul didn't even rise from his seat.


Janul: =/\= Friends are the family we build for ourselves, captain. =/\=


And with that, he jabbed a button on the seat arm, killing the link without ceremony.

Glaring about the bridge, he allowed his control to slip a little, the anger that forever boiled within him beginning to leak forth.


Janul: Helm, roll to port. ::He raised a gloved hand, signalling the moment had arrived.:: Fire!


And his vessel fired everything it had into the Vr'Chok's weakend starboard shields as seconds later the Narendra followed suit. The comm sounded almost immediately.


Comms: Vr'Chok is hailing us, Commander.


Janul: Ignore it.


Comms: It's General Krala!


Janul rose from his seat, hauling the officer from his seat by the collar and right up to his face. His voice was like the roaring of the gods themselves.


Janul: I said, IGNORE IT!!!!


Great gouges were torn from the massive Vr'Chok as the Narendra's weapons struck home, and the Deshk-Var continued firing until the very last second, sending explosions rippling along the length of the cult flagship.

Mere seconds away from hitting the battered Starfleet vessel, Janul ordered the weapon to fall silent as the Narendra squeezed between them. Colliding shields shrieked all around as the vessels all passed each other by. As the Narendra broke clear, Janul dropped his dangling comms officer and turned towards his weapons officer.


Janul: Fire everything. Helm, bring us about. Line us up for torpedoes.


Explosions from massive disruptor blasts tore out great pieces of the Vr'Chok, even as the dying cruiser continued to hail it's former ally. As the huge Negh'Var-class began to spew plasma and gasses, the hull too began to break apart from the punishing volleys.

Janul turned and pointed at the comms officer, and the hail was answered.


Krala: =/\= Janul! My son! What are yo- =/\=


Janul: =/\= You are no kin of mine, General. =/\=


The link was cut just as dismissively as before, and Janul took his command throne once more. He began to drum his fingers upon its arm. The dying Vr'Chok came fully onto the viewscreen as the Deshk'Var repositioned.

His weapons officer turned to face him.


Janul: Target the Vr'Chok with everything we have. ::He leaned forwards.:: Rid the Empire of this stain upon her honour.


The wepons officer – his cousin Tahl – nodded and turned back to her screen.




Commander Janul

Klingon Defence Force.


Simmed by;


Lieutenant-Commander Arturo Maxwell.

Chief Tactical Officer.

Starbase 118 Operations.


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