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Poll of the Week: Red Alert! Your Captain is a hostage


How would you try to get your captain back?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. How would you try to get your captain back?

    • Inform a superior officer covertly and work with them
    • Lay an elaborate double cross attempt
    • Attempt a rescue single handedly
    • Some other means (explain below)

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The nature of Starfleet is as a combined service within the universe, responding to not only exploration and scientific missions, but also crisis and emergencies. Starfleet Officers are called on to address multiple different situations, some of them intensely dangerous, and a lot tense. Some situations may be as innocent as freighting medicine to an outpost, or as dangerous as facing a battle group in one ship. But maybe none are more fraught with personal danger and worry as needing to rescue your Captain from hostage-takers. 


No series within the franchise did this better than Star Trek: The Next Generation. In the episode "Allegiance", unbeknownst to him, Picard was replaced with a doppelgänger when kidnapped from the Enterprise and held captive. It takes the crew of the Enterprise to realise he’s not the real Picard and together, they refuse to follow his orders, effectively removing him from command. We see this again later in the series, though to much greater repercussions, in the episode “The Best of Both Worlds” in which Picard is abducted and partially assimilated by the Borg, rescued by Data and Worf from the Borg Cube. And also in Voyager, in the episode "Renaissance Man", where the Doctor had to deceive the crew in order to rescue Janeway from the Hierarchy.


This week, we want to know how your character would respond to a hostage situation. Would you go in guns blazing, or try to sneakily enlist your crew to help with the rescue? How would you deal with it?

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Absolutely lay an elaborate plan that implies a con, a bellhop and probably cake. Everything logic and reasonable. Please @Tony (Kells) don't make us need to rescue you like...EVER XD

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First, I'd check to see if we could make do with the doppelgänger ... maybe it's a great time to get the captain house trained?

If we're pulling up short with the doppelgänger, then Ben would clock in some annual leave, grab a shuttle and take a few select crew to extract the old, less dysfunctional captain. 


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Diplomatize, diplomatize, diplomatize!

And hope my crew doesn’t do anything too insane...

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Well, I´m still a cadet, and probably I have no say on those matters... but for the sake of discussion, I would like to use some mixed approach. Something fun that could include most players. Start diplomatic negotiations, while a group went undercover and another team went rogue for thinking nobody is effectively doing something to rescue the dear captain. Just my noob opinion. 🙏

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