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Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson - Vulcan Pressure Pot

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((Comet Surface))


((OOC: All thoughts are strictly in-character.))


To say Noa was nervous was an understatement. And even though she was safely encompassed by an EV suit, that would limit what the other would see of her - practically eliminating any and all chance to see her facial expressions. Yet, she chose to remain completely still. She was, after all, in the company of people who were nothing but strangers and shipmates to her. And if there was a way to act around those people, is the utter maximum possible professionalism.


At that moment, however, she was stuck. It was like she was squeezed between a hostile situation, that made the emotions inside her boil like steam, while at the same time being in unknown company - in which she was practically incapable of expressing herself, or any of the building up nervousness.


She was practically a pressure pot, building up its pressure on the inside. She had to release it somehow. If she were to stay focused at all for this mission, she had to vent it. Somehow.


And she never did something like that around a group, let alone a bunch of strangers! Yet her logic relented, and agreed that special circumstances require special measures.


And what could those special measures be…? What could possibly serve as a relief for her, while in such a situation?


Then, it was as if a lightbulb lit up above her head, and she suddenly knew exactly what to do.


She had to crack a little joke. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to stand it.


She bit her lower lip only ever so slightly, to make sure that whatever eyes were inside the EV suit couldn’t see it, and told it.


Levinson: I do not believe they would answer to knocking, would they?


It may not have seemed like much, but to Noa, it was a huge relief. She pretty much has never done that, and under normal circumstances she would even chastise herself for even thinking about doing something like that. But this time, she was glad for it. It certainly eased the situation.


Eiris: You can give it a try Levinson, but I wouldn't count on it.


With Elris’ reply giving her just a tiny bit of reassurance, she nodded and gave a reply before approaching the panel.


Levinson: I will begin immediately, sir.


Noa approached the panel, pulled her tricorder out, and began working. While it was mainly a scanning device, during her Academy time, she experimented a bit with interfacing it with various computer systems - mainly Starfleet and Federation in origin, but she was sure she could try more systems. And that was the perfect opportunity for it.


Some may call it hacking. They would probably be correct in that case.


Slowly but surely, she began connecting the interface, and tested it slowly - while making sure not to trip any security, of course. Each successful connection improved her mood, and swayed her mood to the better.


Hontrú: Response


Eiris: We'll cross that bridge when we need the explosive.  


A few moments passed, and the connection seemed stable - and sufficiently secure to not trip any security alarms. A few taps on both the panel and the tricorder later, the door hissed open.


oO Gotcha! Oo


Eiris: Of course, this way maybe our hosts don't know we're here.


She disconnected the tricorder from the panel interface, and held it firmly while the marines led the way inside.


The interior was… odd. Not exactly what she expected - Not that she knew what to expect in the first place. At first glance, it looked… somewhat familiar. Workstations, an odd shape… She couldn’t quite place her finger on it.


And once she looked down at her tricorder to get some readings after getting inside, she noticed one more detail - the nearly complete lack of Eichner radiation on the inside. Of course, no amount of Eichner radiation was safe, but that gave them a considerably larger amount of time to be inside - assuming the rest of the interior was devoid of radiation as well.


Any: Response


Eiris: I was thinking it looked a bit like the bridge to a ship?


oO A bridge! That’s it! Oo


It certainly made more sense than building a facility for whatever reason on a comet.


Oliver: Response


Noa nodded at the pilot.


Levinson: It would certainly be logical.


Hontrú: Response


Her tricoder gave of a soft beeping, and she raised it up and took a look. She then raised an eyebrow at the readings, stopping the urge to frown.


Levinson: The Eichner radiation levels are considerably lower on the inside than on the outside. I do not recommend opening the suits, though. As for the tricorder’s notification, ::beat:: I am detecting five lifesigns, headed our way. The radiation still is still obstructing any identifying signs. They are emanating from that ::She pointed at the opposite direction to the one the team entered from:: direction.


Any: Response


Levinson: I cannot be certain.


Any: Response






Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson

Science Officer + Wiki operator

USS Juneau


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