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MSNPC Sogh K'Parg - Today is a Good Day to Die

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Great ending to a honorable Klingon warrior @Sal Taybrim!!

((Inside Main Production Facility, Vonkoth II))

K’Parg of the house of Morpok was young, brash, straightforward and honest.  He was the second youngest son of Mat’pon, a warrior of little glory but steadfast honor.  His had always been a support house, standing behind those with strong ideals and strong honor. 

He was not afraid to die today.  In fact, ensuring that his Commander could retrieve the qulCha’par through a fight rather than dying to torture or poison was the best honor he could hope for.  May Lofsha carry his deeds back home to his family and may his younger brother rise up, supported by the story of his honor and serve the Empire well and honorably.

K’parg had no regrets.  He knew that Sto’vo’kor would welcome him this day.

K’parg: Win the war, Commander!  I die with honor today!

He rushed Korv and slammed the older Klingon back against the wall in a stunning blow.  His display was enough to provide plenty of cover and he heard a blast door close behind him.  The qulCha’par would fly today, for the glory of the Empire.

Korv: ::at two guard minions who were punching back the prisoners:: Shoot them! You are members of the Cult of Molor. No need for hand-to-hand, imbeciles. Just shoot!

Gach’ah: ::stomps to where Lofsha was seen last:: Where is the Commander?! How did she break free?!

The fight wasn’t exactly fair.  Korv had weapons and all his limbs free, K’parg was unarmed and shackled, still, he fought like a demon, feeling the crunch of armor and bone on his opponent even as he was battered to his knees.  His face was split and bleeding from a second hit, but he knew his commander was well on her way to striking back.

K’parg: You think you will win, you honorless pig?  You will only be remembered for your treachery and your death will be used as an example of what happens when you betray your name! 

He took a kick to the chest for that statement and he smiled, a vicious tooth smile.  Did that hurt?  Good.  No amount of physical pain could match the honorless death these two would face.

Korv: ::calling out above the battle cries and noise:: Your Captain will not make it far. She is but one, our Brothers and Sisters are plenty! They will catch her, ::more to himself:: and when they do… ::trails off while kicking a prisoner, who was already sprawled on the floor, in the stomach with his heavy boot::

Gach’ah: ::sneers:: You will call for your Captain and your life will be spared!

Despite the pain, the growing roster of broken bones and the flowing blood, K’parg smiled.  He stood on his feet the best he could, pleased at the damage he had been able to cause to his enemies despite limitations.  If they were asking for his help it meant they were scared that she would succeed.

They should be.  Lofsha and the crew of the qulCha’par would succeed.

K’parg: I will not.  She will kill you and bring your cult to its knees.

Korv: ::raises his firearm, aiming it squarely at K’parg:: Finally, you will meet your end. Dishonorably restrained and killed by a lame, one eyed Klingon. You will not reach StoVoKor!

His smile widened, blood staining his teeth.

K’parg: I have been honorable and loyal to my last breath.  Kahless will welcome me in StoVoKor. 

Gach’ah: ::huffs:: There is no such place! Where you're going will be nothing, but emptiness and despair!

Now he was sure this cult was done for.  Even if he died, he was sure he would be welcomed in the halls of StoVoKor.  Them denying its existence only cemented his belief.  They were the ones who lived in fear.  They were the ones who knew they were damned.  They wanted to shake his resolve in his last moments.  But K’parg of the house of Morpok would not be swayed.

K’parg: You lie to yourself, and you know it.  You are afraid of death, because you have lived a life without honor.  I am not afraid.

Korv: ::laughing loudly:: Whaha! Idiot. Show him boss, what we do with people that speak nonsense.

That hit home.  The honorless swine walked forward, grabbing K’parg and landing punishing blows, the sort of horrific violence that was pushed by self-loathing and internal doubt.  K’oarg had no doubt that Gach’ah hatred was less to do with K’parg himself – he was only speaking the truth, but fueled by Gach’ah own inner failures, hatred, and lack of honor.

Korv: ::annoyed:: Hey!:: oO Great. He does it again. Ruining my bit of fun. Oo  ::sighs and steps back::

Gach'ah: ::leans in, inches away from K'parg's face:: Join the Cult of Molor and you will be rewarded a bountiful of treasures and gifts from the Orion Syndicate. We can give you what the Empire cannot… A chance to live.

Through the blood and the pain, K’parg’s dark eyes fixed upon Gach’ah and he spoke clearly.

K'parg: I have lived more in these last few honorable moments that you will even live in your entire honorless life.  You will choke upon your lies and if you are lucky a Klingon will kill you before the Orion Syndicate shoves a knife in your back.

That was it.  Gach’ah pulled the trigger and K’parg slumped backwards.  He died as he lived, blunt, honest and honorable.

Today was a good day to die.


MSNPC Sogh K’Parg
First Officer
IKS qulCha’par

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