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Riots Quelled, City of Val’Bhaonn Renews Museum for Eitreih’hveinn Festival

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VÆRON — Following the explosive actions of rioters in the capital of Val’Bhaonn, and the destruction of the museum used as a cultural centre, Governor S’Ehraellu has begun rebuilding efforts while the crew of the Gorkon take some necessary shore leave.

Protests against the Federation mining efforts contracted by Brave Ventures has halted in the wake of the mining cessation while the investigation into the recent discovery of the beacons is underway. Several beacons were discovered beneath the surface and polar regions of the planet, indicative of the spread of the fungal aliens brought to light by the Starfleet crew assigned to the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293).

While the protests and riots sparked a legitimate complaint among the people of Væron, the leaders of this socio-economic upheaval have agreed to further collaborative efforts with Governor S’Ehraellu, citing infiltration by an extremist group seeking an alternative end to the originally peaceful protests in the capitol.

“We had not intended for harm to come to the buildings of Val’Bhaonn,” explained Rechriur, an actor by profession, now under house arrest in the city. “And will help with the rebuilding efforts… when we’re released.”

However, rioters from the Republic are not alone among those under investigation in the wake of the incident. Federation mining corporations tied into the mining effort are to be investigated for unsafe practices owing to the instability discovered within the planet. Allegations cite Benamite deposits were mined in an allegedly unsafe manner without conducting necessary surveys or disregarding them.

Romulan scientist Simema, part of the efforts in providing reports to the Romulan Republic, has provided key evidence that the earthquakes and reported substrata disruptions were the direct results of interference beside lava tubes.

“The risk of contamination in the water supply is still excessive,” Simema explained, via subspace communication. “However, we are taking steps to improve this in line with the aid of Starfleet deployed to the surface to remove the beacons.”

In light of their efforts in aiding the planet in the removal of the beacons and discovering the issues plaguing the surface were due, in part, to their interference, Governor S’Ehraellu has extended a warm and welcoming hand to the crew of the Gorkon and Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds to join in the festivities as the Republic colony prepares for the festival of Eitreih’hveinn, known colloquially as the “Farmer’s Festival”. The festival is held to honour farming and the yield of domestic produce, a keen skill and livelihood imported from the native planets before the disaster and traditions continued throughout their time establishing the colony.

Leaving the issues of their last mission behind, some of the crew have already found time to spend on the surface in various pursuits, including hiking in the mountains, exploring the villages in the Khueamneani Hills, sailing in the violet oceans (made so by ample red flora and coral), and investigating the multitude of cities.


Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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