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Starfleet Scientists Hold Holo-Conference at New Horizons

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FNS reporter Dresdon P. Mitchell revisits his experience at the New Horizons Holo-Conference last year, and how this year, many of the questions and ideas posed will once again be explored.

What started as a murmur across the nebula became true as scientists around the fleet materialized from separate ships to discuss their plans for the scientific community. People came from far and wide, pitching their ideas and hypothetical energizing conversations, intending to immerse in shared knowledge and provide intellectually sound, like-minded individuals to help further efforts for the future of all known species. One year later, we look into the events there.

Science officers included in the conference were Lieutenant German Galven; USS Montreal’s Chief Science Officer, Commander Saveron; USS Constitution-B’s Counselor, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo; USS Gorkon’s Research Coordinator, Lieutenant Kayla Drex; USS Eagle’s Chief Scientist, Lieutenant Pholin Duyzer; USS Columbia’s Assistant Chief Science Officer, Dr Tim Alentonis; civilian Archaeologist, Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVaeu; USS Veritas’ scientist and Ensign Sotak, the USS Montreal’s scientist.

Many officers have moved on in their careers since the seminar.

“I wanted to know what other scientists around the fleet were doing and listen to their achievements,” explained Galven. “When I heard about the goal of New Horizons, I sent out a subspace message to every starship who had a science officer, hoping to get this off the ground.”

Argelians demanded stronger attention from our Federation government, and for a week, we received no answer. Narala’s office had been “inundated with calls” and she was unavailable to take them.

As each officer introduced themselves, they all marvelled at the technology that could hold such an event, bringing bright minds from across the galactic community to one place virtually, setting up timed responses and inquiries to make sure they did not forgo their duties onboard their starships in the excitement.

“The entire experience was novel to me.” A stoic young Vulcan named Sotak described. “From attending a gathering from the holodeck, to speaking too much of the science community in the Federation. I am intrigued how the conclusion plays out.”

One officer, Drex of the Eagle, was very excited to get things started as she approached the podium, but before she got the chance to speak, the whole area around them transformed into the libraries of Memory Alpha — an inhabited planetoid the Federation built a central library on with cultural relevance and scientific knowledge of all planetary Federation members.

Drex discussed a theory regarding Quantum Sail Drives, describing space like a lake and time being a breeze. Scientists can theorise a way to create a sail that will carry people over this lake more efficiently than our crude oars (warp and trans-warp drives).

Ideas presented in the conference included botany, xenobiology and warp thesis. Since the conference, these ideas have further expanded, and we hope to hear of their progress this year.

“I propose that through visualization of this “breeze” in space, we will gain an understanding of the trade winds of our universe. From there, we can develop applications to sail at far greater speeds, and using far less energy than has been even fathomable in the history of any civilization we’ve yet to encounter.”

Drex went on even further to say, “I believe I have a way to harness the very energy of space-time to achieve speeds that are so far beyond warp capabilities, we can barely measure it in our current terminology.”

After each candidate spoke, there were questions from the other scientists and fresh ideas on how to help one another in their shared goal of pooled research. Towards the end of the conference, Galven finally offered his presentation on creating an antivirus that with enough tachyokinetic energy harvested as a byproduct to reverse harmful bacteria and even gases from taking place. He then demonstrated by using a sentient plant in a controlled environment that the process could be done, but there were still questions left unanswered if it was safer to do within a larger area.

On the anniversary of the previous conference, New Horizons is once again opening its doors on Deluvia IV, and extends a call to scientific and technological minds across the Federation. Invitations to follow.

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