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Graduating Class of 238110.09


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This is an area for members of this training class to keep in touch with each other.

DATES: The class began on September 30, 2004, and ended on October 9, 2004.

LIST: UFOP-Academy1


FIRST OFFICER: LtCmdr. Robin Phoenix


- Lam-Akch

- Clyde Morson

- Lucas Jericho

- Ssam Canaan

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LAM-AKCH: I have thanked Lt. Commander Janaar and Lt. Commander Phoenix before, but I would like to do so once again. I found our Cadet Final Training.......to be invigorating. I hope all the former Cadets recieve pleasurable Federation assignments. Perhaps if we are fortunate, we may be assigned to the same ship. In any regard, congratulations to all that passed.


Ensign Lam-Akch

Klingon Marine/Diplomat


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Come aboard the Kodiak someday, boys! No finer ship in the fleet!

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Odd you should mention boarding the Kodiak. Morse, Jericho and myself were placed with Ssam on her.

I marked Columbia and the Paladin among my first choices. I wonder what happened. Hrrm. Well, I can always transfer after promotion. The Kodiak has been destroyed and remade a few times, and the CO is an Admiral!

Battle is assured!

Ensign Lam-Akch

Security Officer/Klingon Marine and Diplomat

USS Kodiak

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