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Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - Plates in the Air

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This SIM is an example of a PERFECT starter in my opinion. It tells a lot about the character that narrates the scene, it's fun, it inspires you to write and it leaves a lot of room for creativity for those that come after. It also has some of the best descriptions of the struggle against... "elements" that every first officers experience. Besides, on a personal level, it gave me the push I needed to get out of writer's block so my esteem for it is double. Thank you for this jewel  @Geoffrey Teller!
((XO's office, Deck 1, USS Thor))
He'd been so careful. So clever and deft in his strategies.  But, as he sat, surrounded on all sides by his oldest nemesis, Teller closed his eyes in surrender to the inevitable.  
The Paddwork had found him.  All of it.
After speaking with his team a few hours ago and then following up with the Boss, Teller had decided to take his new office for a quick spin.  Only slightly smaller than the Captain's ready room and almost equally plush, it was a far cry from the small desk and chairs he'd grown used to as a Chief Engineer.  The small observation window with its view of the warp core had been replaced by a magnificent set of panoramic viewports, giving Teller a spectacular view of the hauntingly beautiful slipstream corridor. He'd allowed himself a full minute to appreciate the view before turning his attention to the console on his desk.  He had intended on spending some of this time getting his few personal effects out of the storage case, presently shoved in one corner of the office, but that had taken a back seat when Geoff foolishly opened his to-do list.  As the computer merrily scrolled past the eight hundredth and fourteenth entry, Teller slumped back into his chair and began to dig in.  
That had been five hours ago.  Somehow the list had gotten longer, and the padd he'd originally tossed on the desk had made friends and started a family.  Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Teller pushed back from the desk and crossed to the replicator mounted on the wall - another small but notable and pleasant difference from his old office.  As his cup of coffee shimmered into existence, Geoff decided he needed a change before attacking the pile anew and hoped their research team had turned up some useful background information on the colony.
Teller:  =/\= Teller to Lt. Lovar & Ensign Alieth =/\=
Lovar/Alieth:  =/\= Response =/\=
Teller:  =/\= What've you been able to determine so far? =/\=
Lovar/Alieth:  =/\= Response =/\=
Geoff's ears perked up.  That sounded substantially more interesting than another few hours of paddwork.  
Teller: =/\= In that case, why don't you transfer your findings to my office and we'll review them together before bringing them to the Captain? =/\=
Lovar/Alieth:  =/\= Response =/\=
Teller:  =/\= Excellent, see you momentarily.  =/\=
As the channel closed, Geoff cast a victorious smirk towards the pile.
((A short time later))
The door chimed as Teller was wrestling with the contents of his shipping container.  When he had packed it aboard the Veritas, he didn't think he'd violated the laws of physics or spatial geometry to fit everything inside, but after opening it and nearly being thrown against the ceiling by the overflowing contents, Geoff wondered if he should contact the Daystrom Institute - he could be in the running for a prize.  
Teller:  Come in, make yourselves comfortable.  I've got a fresh pot of coffee on the conference table.  
Geoff nodded towards the small, circular four seat table.  It was neither as nice or as large as the one in the Captain's office, but it would serve perfectly for quick meetings and brainstorming sessions.  
Lovar/Alieth:  Response
Teller:  So, take me through what you've learned. 
Lovar/Alieth:  Response
Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor
Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding
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