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Benjamin Sisko Memorial Cup Sees New Entrants

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STARBASE 118 – After a decade of dominance in Starfleet’s intramural baseball league, Deep Space 9’s “Niners” team has announced they will not be competing for this year’s top prize in the Benjamin Sisko Memorial Cup.

With their star player out for antennae reassignment surgery, and their coach – Ambassador V’Lelk – having retired last year, the DS9 team is regrouping and disappointing fans everywhere.

This opens the way for newer teams to compete, including Starbase 118’s Trojans, named after the station’s official class designation. The Trojans have recruited several skilled and experienced players, including Takata Yuma of the DS9 team who transferred to 118 soon after V’Lelk retired in what some saw as a power-play by Captain Sal Taybrim to put her team in the running for the Cup.

The chances are slim, though, that a new and inexperienced team will make it to the final runoff considering the competition they’re up against. Last year’s finale losers, The Logicians, from the venerated Vulcan-only starship T’Pol, have already said they’re determined to take the crown after what was seen as a controversial close to last year’s game when the first Ocampa visitor to the Alpha Quadrant, four-year-old dignitary Lok, reached out over the outfield wall and caught a ball, robbing the Logicians outfielder of the opportunity to catch the fly and giving the Niners the extra runs required to put them over the top.

Other teams – including The Voyagers, Binars, and Nawesomcaans – have all been training with heretofore unseen zeal for this moment when the Niners finally loosened their grip on the prize.

“We’re not sure why there’s so much controversy over the fact that we brought in holosuite design expert for our training field program. It doesn’t seem like much extravagance to upgrade the field if we’re going to go for the cup?” said Commander Condor Rampart, coach for the Nawesomcaans, commenting on the Federation Enquirer story that questioned Rampart’s use of Federation time and resources, and an alleged connection between the holosuite program designer and the Orion Crime Syndicate. A Starfleet investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Cup matches are slated to begin after the Ha’mara festival and will take place on Betazed. In an amusing turn of events, the Betazoid team failed to submit their paperwork in time to qualify after a miscommunication about the deadline.

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