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Poll of the Week: Modern Conveniences

Laria Herren

Poll of the Week: Modern Conveniences  

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  1. 1. Which 24th century comfort would your character be least willing to give up?

    • Replicators
    • Transporters
    • Holodecks
    • Turbolifts
    • Quick and convenient interstellar travel
    • Real-time subspace communication
    • The vast databases of Memory Alpha
    • Something else? Let us know below!

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Future technology is nothing if not incredibly convenient. Technology helps make the life of Starfleet officers easier and more enjoyable every day. Turbolifts can take someone almost anywhere on a ship in a minute or two. Replicators can create almost anything imaginable. Holodecks can take you anywhere from a historic battle to a peaceful park for a walk. The cultural and scientific knowledge of hundreds of worlds is compiled within Memory Alpha. Keeping in touch with friends and family is no issue with transporters able to take you halfway across the world in a second, real-time subspace video calls, and easy and convenient travel through the Federation.

Of the modern luxuries in the 24th century, everyone has those that they use most frequently. But there are others that could easily go unused. Turbolifts may be faster, but the jefferies tubes can get to just as many places. Some people swear off ever using replicators and only eat real food. Others might never call home over subspace and just rely on letters back and forth to keep in touch with people back home. A few officers in Starfleet history were terrified of transporters and would use shuttles whenever possible.

This week, we want to know which technological convenience your character would be least willing to go without. Would your character be completely lost without a food replicator? Is being able to talk face-to-face with family the only thing that makes life out on a starship bearable? Which 24th century comfort would your character be least willing to give up?

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I don't see Sami crawling through the Jefferies tubes anymore (with reason) so, she'd like to keep them turbolifts.

As for the replicators, I'm sure she'll find some way to get food, even if it means crashing into other people's quarters around lunch/dinner time. 🤣

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