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Poll of the Week: Feelings On Picard?

Randal Shayne

Poll of the Week: Thoughts On Picard?   

37 members have voted

  1. 1. How did you feel about the first season of Picard?

    • Best. Season. EVER!
    • I enjoyed it greatly.
    • Eh. It's alright. I'll tune in for Season 2.
    • It was okay, but I won't be watching Season 2.
    • I didn't like it.
    • I wish I hadn't watched it.
    • I haven't seen it, but I intend to!
    • I don't plan on watching it.
    • Something else? Let us know in the comments section!

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Recently, the last episode of Picard’s first season was aired, or… added? Anyway, it’s been out for awhile now. Before the first episode was released, we ran a poll asking you what you were looking for in the new show. Most of y’all wanted a juicy story to get involved in. There is plenty of debate regarding whether the show delivered that, but as with any new piece of media, in depth consideration will take some time. We may ask for more thoughtful consideration in the future, but for right now, what did you think of the first season of Picard? Did it satisfy? Did it disappoint? Did it not interest you? Have you not watched it?

What did you think of Picard? Let us know in the comments below! And please remember- no spoilers! 

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I enjoyed the cinematography. It was nice to see TNG characters, and what they got up to ... and the nice re-aligning of the timelines with the Mars/Romulan/Synth explanation. 


Oooh - just thinking about it, I did like how they introduced a new synth higher being too.


Some clever moments, ace cinematography, nice catch up with the characters - Season 2, let's turn the heat up a notch!

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Unfortunately I'm in the ' what was that ???' Camp.

It would take to long and no doubt would bore to many people to start putting down what I didnt like. So instead I'll just put down what i did like.

- The scenes with Riker and Troi 

That about sums it up.

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I haven't watched it yet.

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