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Duronis II Embassy crew under new leadership with new mission

StarBase 118 Staff

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For over 10 years, our unique, award-winning simming installation called the Duronis II Embassy has told the story of the Laudeans – a newly warp-capable species with the power to detect energy fields – and the Federation’s efforts to woo them into the union and away from the Romulans and Zalkonians.

In that time, Rear Admiral Toni Turner (Ann), one of our longest-standing members and the longest-commanding leader, innovated new storytelling techniques and forged a path that had never before been tried in our game and rarely in others. Now she – and the Embassy crew – will be transitioning into a new story.

Having earned a break after all these years, Turner is handing the leadership of her crew off to Fleet Captain Aron Kells (Tony). And the crew of the Embassy will be moving to the USS Thor, which will serve as their new permanent assignment and operate as an independent vessel.

The Executive Council, Rear Admiral Turner, and Fleet Captain Kells are committed to ensuring that the Embassy crew receives a grand sendoff from the fleet’s longest-standing simming installation–founded over 15 years ago–before making the full transition to the Thor. Ann will continue simming for her character Toni Turner aboard the Thor in her new role as Ambassador. We thank her for her simming and her service, on behalf of 118 simmers past and present!

Tony, no stranger to command, has commanded four ships, served on the Executive Council, is currently the Captains Council Magistrate, and has chaired numerous task forces and contests.

On behalf of the Executive Council, we wish Tony, Ann, and the Embassy crew fair winds as they begin their next adventure aboard the Thor!

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