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Disaster Strikes Xatrac City As Starfleet Investigate Mining Operation

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XATRAC CITY — The crew of the USS Constitution-B spring to aid citizens after an unexpected attack during an inspection of Xatrac City.

Split into teams, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) endeavoured to learn more about the mining city of Xatrac while FltCpt. Jalana Rajel negotiated a trade agreement for the rare and valuable gas the city produces. While Rajel’s talks proceeded, the other teams faced a series of unfortunate happenings that quickly threw their goals off track.

After an unfortunate encounter with a native insect, the team led by LtCmdr. Yito Seja, raced to find the insect to uncover a way to treat their team leader. After an investigation, the decision was made for the team to return to the Constitution to provide the proper treatment, while also bringing along one of the miners, Queene.

Meanwhile, the team led by Cmdr. Alex Blair investigated the mining operation’s maintenance bay, disaster struck. A large creature, known as the Razaar, attacked the city, wreaking havoc across the maintenance facility. The large creature tore through a bulkhead, exposing the bay to the harsh environment of the gas fields, and injuring many miners. During the attack, a piece of debris caught and injured LtJG Ravenna Carter, resulting in several members of the team heading back to the Constitution to offer medical support.

Staying behind to help, Blair and LtCmdr. Atan T’Seva leapt into action with their guide Skyhook. The two officers asked what they could do to help in the situation.

“Find someone alive,” Skyhook explained quickly. “Help get dem inside… All we can do.”

Back at the trade talks, word reached the city’s governor, Ruvator Zadra, of the disaster. After sharing the news with Rajel, they made the joint decision to head down and offer whatever help they could.


Written by Alex Blair

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