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Eagle Crew Begins Rest And Reorganization After Harrowing Power Struggle

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LIGHTSIDE STATION —The starship USS Eagle has returned to Lightside Station following bombshell revelations that Special Operations commander of Starbase 821 was embroiled in a conspiracy against the Federation.

“This is not customary, nor expected, nor even considered possible by many in investigative and judicial circles,” noted Prasla Fitzpatrick, spokeswoman for the Starbase 821 Administrative Council, of which Valcose was a former member. “Know that we will follow this investigation wherever it leads.”

The destruction of the newly created colony on the planet Saldhana approximately one month ago was the catalyst for a chain of increasingly unlikely events, culminating in a tense standoff that left hundreds of Starfleet officers and crew members in jeopardy.

Reports are still preliminary, as much of the information remains classified by the Department of Internal Affairs, which has since taken control over the inquiry. That said, all indications signal nothing less than a fully realized mutiny aboard the starship Eagle, motivated by erratic actions and orders from Valcose throughout the conflict.

“We were going to die,” a source onboard Eagle told the FNS, who offered a first-hand account of the incident on the condition of anonymity. “There were spiders eating people, and warp core breaches, and then the sodding Marines charge in!”

When asked to clarify these statements, this source described, roughly, the aftermath of an infestation introduced by Valcose to the Eagle, ostensibly to distract the crew’s attention from the investigation. A nest of Altarian spider birds, carnivorous arachnids with the capacity to fly short distances, maybe the source of the three fatalities reported in an unsecured status update received by the FNS.

“If it weren’t for the security folks (Lieutenant Junior Grade Kano Risha and Ensign Artinus Serinus) we would have bitten it a dozen different ways. Hell, from what I can see, the senior staff did all right. But I’ll be glad to have the captain back,” the anonymous source asserted.

Allegations of responsibility for the description at Saldhana prompted the removal of Captain Oddas Aria, Eagle’s commanding officer, from her position. Preliminary findings have all but totally exonerated Oddas, who returned to duty shortly after a joint effort between the Eagle crew and a detachment of marines from the starbase subdued Valcose.

Reports suggest that the ship’s chief science officer, Lieutenant Commander Kayla Drex, and the chief medical officer, Lieutenant Commander Hal Mika, sustained serious injuries in the line of duty, and moved to Starbase 821’s medical facilities to receive better care.

Both the ship’s commanding officer and first officer have refused to comment, citing the sensitivity of the incident and the ramifications prior judgement might create.

This story is ongoing.

Written by Randal Shayne

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