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Orion Syndicate suspected in sabotage aboard Warp XV prototype USS Juneau

Federation News Service

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DEEP SPACE — The experimental prototype Starfleet starship USS Juneau was crippled by an internal attack carried out by what reports are saying may have been an Orion Syndicate agent during a recent test run of its signature Warp XV engine.

It is unclear at this time just how this lone agent found their way aboard the ship, or whether they survived their infiltration, and Starfleet top brass remains tight-lipped over the details.

Initial reports state the saboteur managed to alter the plasma flow in order to throw the classified warp XV drive into an overdrive tailspin which continually pushed the ship into higher and higher warp factors. Eventually, this acceleration would have torn the ship apart, likely chaos intentionally caused in an attempt to cover the perpetrator’s escape. 

Captain Oddas and Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller, along with the senior crew assigned, were eventually able to apply the brakes, so to speak, by effecting a full stop to the engines. 

“If I get my hands on the [censored] who messed with my engine…” sources reported an unconfirmed quote from the chief engineer.

Meanwhile, one team restored the ship’s life support and searched the craft for the saboteur and any other explosives or devices they might have left behind, while another team battled a substantial fire in the shuttle bay and suffered a temporary loss of internal pressure. There are unconfirmed reports of a hostage situation, but the FNS has not been able to substantiate the rumour at this time.

Lieutenant Kiliak Jo contributed to this report. Stay tuned to this subspace frequency for any and all updates on this story.

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