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Starbase 118 Ops Crew Escort Ambassador to Earth

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EARTH, SOL SECTOR – Ambassador Ariwyn Vananth to meet with Admiral Hayes Walker to discuss the continuing threat posed by the Children of Molor.

Having rejoined the USS Narendra from the USS Albion following concluded talks on Avendra IV, Ambassador Ariwyn Vananth recently set foot on Earth, transporting with an entourage of officers from Starbase 118 Ops. Speculated reasons for the Ambassador’s visit is to meet with Admiral Hayes Walker at Starfleet HQ and share vital intelligence gathered on the vicious Klingon cult known as the Children of Molor.

“Thankfully, the journey to Earth was entirely uneventful,” stated First Officer Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug. “A welcome reprieve after the events that took place last time we were on board the Narendra.”

The Starbase 118 Ops crew have returned to active duty after a decidedly more sombre shore leave that saw the usual awards ceremony share the evening with a memorial for those who lost their lives in the horrific attack by the Children of Molor on the Narendra.

“We are moving forward now, in hope,” added Fairhug. “Hope given to us by those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against the unbridled hatred that fuels this cult. Those officers did not die in vain and Ambassador Vananth’s presence here on Earth and her role in the forthcoming meeting with Admiral Walker proves that.”

Meanwhile, as Vananth presents her findings to Walker, a second team of officers from the Narendra led by the newly promoted Chief of Intelligence Lieutenant Solaris McLaren have beamed down to the notorious prison complex in Siberia to interrogate the disgraced former Commodore Allen Kinney.

With his connections to the Orion Syndicate — who have supplied Children of Molor operatives with weapons — the interrogation team hopes to prise more valuable information from the former Starfleet Flag Officer to gain any advantage over the cult that they can.


Written by Gogigobo Fairhug

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ufopsb118?d=yIl2AUoC8zA ufopsb118?i=LkmnhK1bpz4:duxHYqMAHqo:D7Dq ufopsb118?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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