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11th House Of Betazed Sends Daughter Out To The Shoals

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ROXBURGH SECTORThe Eleventh royal House of Betazed have sent first daughter Rivi Vataix to the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) following the ship’s surprise return to sector space.

The visit by Vataix to the outskirts of Federation space is unexpected behaviour by the Eleventh House. Rumours suggest the visit is personal, but experts speculate it may play a role in relations with the Twentieth House of Betazed. Vataix has not yet made a statement regarding her visit nor about the incident surrounding the annual race Sandhurst Cup recently postponed because of racer loss.

Lost mid-race, the Veritas trawled space for the better part of 72 hours in a section of the sector called “the void”. 

Hosting a class of fifth-grade students, reports suggest Veritas suffered frequent power losses — preyed upon by enormous space-faring creatures seeking ship electricity. The students and their teacher returned home unharmed, and Veritas was successful in rescuing the crew of a rival vessel The Star of Corinth (though losing the vessel itself has drawn criticism from the racing community). 

Despite the best efforts of Veritas and assisting ship, USS Diligent, the Starfleet crew suffered some casualties.

“Petty Officer Rhee Yu-jin was a friend,” reported First Officer Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake. “We’re taking steps to ensure a loss like that doesn’t happen again.”

The visit from Vataix comes as Veritas receives new officers from outside the Shoals, including ex-Marine Lieutenant Commander Zaaia Leix to perform duties as ship Mission and Strategic Operations Officer, and additional Security Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Groznin Smith. Experts believe the additions, and the visit by Vataix, will assist Veritas in the increasingly complicated political climate of the Shoals.


Written by Sky Blake

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