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Poll of the Week: Anti-Borg Strategy

Laria Herren

Poll of the Week: Anti-Borg Strategy  

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  1. 1. What would be your strategy to defend against the Borg?

    • Respond with all available ships to any Borg sightings.
    • Focus more on research and development of anti-Borg ships and technologies.
    • Research how to liberate Borg drones and attempt to rescue drones during conflicts.
    • The Borg Collective is beyond diplomacy and always hostile, any opportunity to weaken the Borg should be taken.
    • Treat the Borg Collective like any other hostile power and respond only when attacked.
    • Try to reason with the Borg Collective. There is still hope for negotiation.
    • Have a different strategy in mind? Let us know below!

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The Borg Collective has been one of Starfleet’s most dangerous enemies. A single Borg cube destroyed 39 Starfleet ships and was very close to assimilating Earth. In a later encounter, the crew of the Enterprise D had an opportunity to infect the Collective with a logic virus but did not carry out the plan. Some in Starfleet held this against Picard, but did he make the right decision?

Ever since, any sighting of the Borg has been met with a response of overwhelming force from Starfleet. So much as a transwarp conduit opening is enough to provoke every ship in range to assemble. This week we put you in charge of Starfleet’s strategic planning when it comes to the Borg. Is the automatic assumption of hostility and throwing ships at the problem the best approach? The Borg Collective is different from most of the other enemies that have faced the Federation over the years.

Are the Borg beyond diplomacy or change? It’s previously been shown that the Borg will make and break alliances as soon as they’re no longer getting what they want. But movements like Unimatrix Zero prove that the Borg can change. Does the involuntary nature of Borg drones change anything when it comes to destroying Borg ships and killing drones? Dealing with the Collective also brings up questions about the Prime Directive and whether they should be treated like any other alien power. What would be your strategy to defend against the Borg?

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Find a weakened cube and lure the Collective in by assimilating myself and play mind games. Troll them enough times and then send them through a temporal rift! 

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I think responding with all available ships as has been done before, is the right way to go. 

This does not prevent Starfleet and the Federation from using Science to develop special technology as has been done in the past, for example with the Defiant. It does also not prevent Starfleet Captains from trying to rescue drones or use diplomacy... like asking the Borg to surrender, assisting those who want to be restored as individuals, etc. 

But the past has shown, that in most cases it is the right decision to send whatever you have available to prevent the Borg to win and assimilate earth or whatever is in their way. 

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