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Launch of the USS Juneau

Federation News Service

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UTOPIA PLANITIA, MARS — After years of secret development, Starfleet is proud to unveil the launch of the USS Juneau, the first of its starship class and the first ship to bear the cutting edge Warp XV drive as standard equipment.

After much tireless work, the state-of-the-art ship will undertake its maiden voyage over the next few months. Following new discoveries in warp field theory that paved the way for redefining the warp scale, prominent propulsion scientists across the Federation are claiming the new engine will be theoretically able to reach speeds approaching warp factor 15 on the new scale, which abolishes the previous warp 10 “infinite” theoretical limit.

The USS Juneau commences her journey under the command of warp propulsion pioneer and co-designer of the Warp XV project, Captain Oddas Aria of the USS Eagle. Lt. Commander Geoffrey Teller, the chief engineer aboard the USS Veritas and the man recently assigned to accompany the maiden voyage of the Juneau as its chief engineer had this to say about what excited him most regarding the upcoming journey.

“One of the principal designers of the Warp XV core is my captain, Roshanara Rahman, so the project has a personal angle for me,” said Teller. “We’ve helped bring the drive online for the Veritas, and we’ve seen some incredible performance, but helping to build a ship from the keel up to integrate this new engine and all the other new systems is an engineer’s dream.”

At a hull length of just over 635 meters, Lt. Commander Teller, Captain Oddas, and the rest of the illustrious crew will have their work cut out for them. Following a shakedown cruise, the Juneau is slated to conduct a tour across Federation space as a gesture of goodwill and mutual cooperation. Tickets for the launch event at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards are limited, and only formal dress will be admitted. For more information, contact Lieutenant Kiliak Jo, the ship’s first officer, through the Starfleet Public Affairs Office.

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