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Romulan Republic Ambassador In Auspicious Tour Of Duronis II

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DURONIS II — Plans made by the Embassy staff to welcome the Romulan Republic Ambassador on a propitious tour of Duronis II are in motion. The Embassy will host the engagement with much fanfare and poise as required by Starfleet.

When Rear Admiral Toni Turner approached Ambassador Brell to invite the Romulan Republic Ambassador to the Embassy for a tour of the planet, homeworld of the Laudean people, Brell showed some concern about how the Laudean would receive the invitation. Turner assured him by replying confidently.

“The Laudeans have seen the changes the Romulans have made in their leadership and the help they have been to, not only the Embassy but themselves,” Turner explained. “But, there are scattered factions of Tal Shiar Operatives we will have to be mindful of. Those renegades stir up as much trouble as they can, but I’d say our Marines and Security Staff are more than capable of handling anything they could throw at us.”

Hence the planning began in the first part of November, and invitations sent, including to the Senior Staff so they could also enjoy the tour.


Written by Toni Turner

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