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Cdt Edward Spears - Can You See Our True Nature?

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((OOC - Special shout out to @Edward Spears, MD for such creativity regarding when Dr. Spears woke up!)) 
((Mess Hall, Starfleet Academy, The Other Human Planet))
Yito: We keep investigating then.  Something is trying to tell us something either some form of being or Ed subconscious.
Blair: Yeah, but unfortunately the universal translator doesn’t speak mural.
Laxyn: No but our minds might. They do show us something that we know in our real lives. I did wonder why they didn't leave us with all our memories intact but I assume that they just don't know how our minds work and wanted us to experience this shared experience as a base of communication. And now they seem to be trying to figure out how our memories can help us. If they are not familiar with our brains and minds, it would be difficult. 
Spears: I agree. Whether this is one of our minds, or all of them, the common root is that these beings seem to be using our collective experiences to send us messages. But how confusing would our memories be if these entities don't experience the universe the way we do...
Yito: Has anyone else had flashbacks/forwards? I know Ed had one earlier of a painful memory .:: She looked to Ed to explain. ::
Laxyn: I had a few. ::She admitted meekly:: Just now I had a painful one I don't quite understand.. earlier when I was alone with Alex I had one that seemed to want to tell me something. My theory is that it was about who they are - something we haven't met yet... and that their balance is disrupted. Maybe... these probes are the reason for that.
Spears: Yeah. I've seen a few things that must happen after this point in time. The memories I experienced felt completely real, and they were emotionally painful...
Yito: What if whatever is trying to communicate with us is in pain but doesn’t know how to describe it to us.
Blair: What if you’re right?
Laxyn: It would make sense. If they don't know our minds, they might also not know our language. So they dig through our memories for something that ... feels like that they want to say, no matter the context of that feeling.
Yito: Pain can come for so many different reasons but feel very similar if not the same.
Spears: I agree with all of you. If they experience reality differently from us then they might not know how to differentiate between different kinds of trauma.
Blair: The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. A Starbase, as starship, and a probe. Tie those images with the memories of pain. I really think Yito’s right.
Laxyn: I agree. Now if we only knew how to utilize it.
Spears: If only we knew what was happening outside of this... Construct...
Blair: I’m just theorizing here so bear with me. But what if the image of the bridge is true and we are the crew of that starship, the Constitution. ::pause:: Maybe something we’ve done has inadvertently done harm to whoever these beings are?
Laxyn: Do you think that could be the reason why it is _us_ that is here?
Yito: Would make sense.  We do seem to be the senior officers.
Spears: The Galaxy-class is an exploration vessel. I bet the Constitution has launched hundreds of probes in her time...
Blair: The big issue would be figuring out what damage was done, and how we can fix it. Especially from in here.
Laxyn: ::a deep breath:: That's the big question.
Yito: They keep showing us pictures, memories maybe they will lead us there.
Spears: They seem to change the nature of this reality, or at least the mural, when we make the correct kinds of connections.
Laxyn: What do you want to tell us? What can we do?
The image changed again. It was still the bridge, only now there were different people occupying the stations and consoles. Saveron seemed to be seated centrally. He seemed older, more mature.
Laxyn: Is... is that Saveron? ::She pointed to the center chair.:: He looks ...strange with short hair.
Yito: He seems older, with 3 pips.  There are also others I’ve seen here.
Spears: And some newer faces.
Blair: If our theory is correct, I would assume they are the rest of the crew.
Laxyn: If this is what is happening now... then Saveron has command instead of me. The screen... that looks like a starchart. Can either of you identify where this is?
Yito: No, but the computer may have it on file.
Spears: Doesn't look familiar but... That portion of the chart identifies the Klingon border.
Blair: ::Alex shook his head:: Sorry it doesn’t particularly look familiar to me, but I’ve never really studied starcharts.
Laxyn: Do... do you think they are going into Klingon space? ::Her face lost most of its colour::
Yito: That would be against the treaty :: Was that still in effect? ::
Spears: I thought we were doing alright with the Klingons? ::Or was that information out of date...::
Blair: That’s what I’ve learned in classes, but that information may be out of date. Pretty much everything else here is…
Laxyn: I hope not. But you may be right. What IF this is where these beings are?
Yito: But if the probes cause them pain what will a large ship do?
Spears: Nothing good, I'm guessing. In medicine the idea is to avoid doing more damage while working to solve the illness or injury that already exists. If the Constitution barges in there, not only might it hurt these beings significantly, maybe even irreparably, but it could also cause diplomatic repercussions with the Klingons... But Saveron is a reasonable person, right? He wouldn't order the ship into Klingon space... Right?
Laxyn: Well...

Blair: I’m sure we can trust him, but maybe we need to find a way to help from here?
Yito: I don’t know what we can do to stop them from here.
Spears: I don't think there's much more we can do from here except assure these beings that we'll try to help?
Laxyn: Just how?
Yito: Can we somehow communicate we got their message? Maybe they’ll wake us up.  So we can tell the others to stop.
Spears: If they understand that we understand and that it is in our nature to help, they might simply let us go. I wonder...
Yito: Unfortunately I don’t think we fully understand us. Our missing memories is an indication of that.

Blair: And if we don’t fully understand ourselves, we couldn’t expect these beings to understand us.
Spears: Hang on, I'm going to try something.
Yito: What have you in mind? :: Intrigued. ::

Laxyn: If you would tell us what...
Ed closed his eyes and focused.
Spears: ::Muttering:: Come on. Come on. Find a memory of me helping someone...
And then it came in flashes. Ed could hear his characteristic laugh as he treated bruises, burns, cuts, broken bones, and more. Different faces. Different species. And not just Starfleet members. Then the more complicated things. Lystra's hand; a mystery he still hadn't solved, but one he hadn't given up on. Then a memory of the first patient he lost under his care; something he still lamented and strived to better himself because of. Finally there was a feeling of calm that came along with the memories slowing down. Ed felt a pain in his temples and scrunched his eyes.
((Sickbay, USS Constitution-B))
As he opened them, he was no longer standing in front of the mural. He was lying down on something relatively firm, a bright light overhead. The room smelled sterile. The scent was at once familiar and comforting. He could hear the gentle beeps and tones of a medical scanner. Then the more urgent tone of a tricorder. A head appeared in the beam of light looking concerned and relieved all in one.
Malyz: No I haven't yet. He just woke up on his own.
Ed tried to speak, found that his mouth was dry and a little lame, and then tried again.
Spears: Oz... Am I back?
He felt back, but it was also like he'd just woken up from, well, a coma... Ed looked over to the side and saw that Jalana, Alex, and Seja were all prone on biobeds of their own.
OK. So maybe it wasn't just a coma dream...
Malyz: You sure are, boss. ::Oz smiled.::
Spears: Like I'm in a fog bank. Also thirsty.
Ed blinked and looked around. Things started to clear and click into place. Memories unlocked that had been hidden to him while he was on the other side.
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