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School Children Missing: USS Veritas Disappears From Sandhurst Cup

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ROXBURGH SECTOR — Fifth-grade students and their teacher from Paul Scully-Power Elementary School are now missing after the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) disappeared from its position in the annual Sandhurst Cup.

Authorities are attempting to locate Veritas and other race participants when all failed to pass the mid-course marker within the allotted time. Officials could not locate them along or within range of the track. Their last known location was reportedly nearby a “subspace funnel” not marked on any stellar maps of the area. This is the first occurrence of such an anomaly in the Alpha quadrant.

Teacher Bella Martin had arranged for her ten students to attend a field trip to the Starfleet vessel to tour the inner workings of a starship. The trip occurred as the Veritas utilised its new Warp XV engine for the annual Sandhurst Cup. Veritas was the only Starfleet representation at the race, and the only vessel carrying children.

“We knew of the event,” stated Acting Education Minister Pete Garnet. “The Colonial Coalition Racing League assured us they’d changed the course of the race, and they’d made significant safety improvements. They said nothing about any subspace funnels.”

The Sandhurst Cup is well-known for a twelve-ship collision, costing twenty-six lives in 2384. Veritas allowing the school trip to occur during the race received criticism from Colonial Coalition representatives, they have yet made no official complaint or objection to Starfleet Headquarters.

The unfinished USS Diligent, an ongoing construction project that had fallen behind schedule, had received the call for support during a sudden wave of solar flares (the largest and most powerful ever produced by the Ketar sun). The crew acted during the final few hours of the flares despite radiation concerns.

As project lead Commander Delano departed to recruit more vessels to the rescue efforts, the Digilent entered the subspace funnel under Acting-Captain Geoffrey Teller.

No details about the status of the Veritas and the Paul Scully-Power Elementary School students have been reported — more to come on this story.

Written by Sky Blake

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