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LTCMDR Geoffrey Teller & LTJG Ghant Xerix- Bunkies

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((Officer’s Quarters, Deck 4 - USS Juneau))

@GhantXerix approached his assigned quarters at a slow and methodical pace. With one hand, he was balancing a tray of food, and with the other he was dragging a suitcase which bore the scars of mistreatment at the hands of a brute. At his approach, the doors should have opened. But the Juneau was quickly proving that should means little on a brand new vessel. He used his knee to hit the door chime, and before the doors could part he let out a groan of disappointment upon recognizing the mind behind the door. 

Xerix: ::dryly:: Good evening, Commander. 

@Geoffrey Teller smirked as he turned away from the door controls and went back to the lone chair in the mostly featureless room.  One wall was dominated by a pair of bunks, a design not much changed in decades and meant for the most spartan of quarters.  The other wall featured a fold out chair and desk console for getting a bit of work done, but anyone attempting to dismount the beds would either need to be a qualified gymnast or on very intimate terms with the person sitting down.  

Teller: Evening there Lieutenant.  

Xerix: I realize this is a skeleton crew, but man the odds were not in my favor for bunkies

Teller:  Same here….I’ve been busy in the Engineering bay and didn’t get myself to the quartermaster till almost all the bunk assignments were taken up.  Have to say, surprised you’re sleeping alone.  Who’d you piss off this time?  

Teller didn’t have to be an empath to see that he’d struck a nerve.  

Ghant said nothing to that, sitting down on the floor with his tray of food, appetite suddenly missing. 

Teller:  So how is the Celestial, by the by?  Be happy to give it another tuneup in my free time.  

Xerix:  ::Suddenly thrilled with an idea, he ate as he spoke :: Oh it’s fine. I’ve installed a new lock on the hatch and the sound emitter is smashed up beautifully 

Teller: Oh the speakers?  For the shanties?  ::Teller chuckled to himself::  Forgot about that one.  Guess that means the other thing...well, I’m sure you’ll find it soon enough.  

Ghant gestured with his fork like it was a weapon, pointing a bite of food at the enemy. 

Xerix:  So help me, Teller. If you’ve messed with my ship again...

Teller held his hands up in a gesture of surrender.  

Teller:  Look, the fact of the matter is we’ve got to work together or this closet :Teller extended his arms and was able to touch both walls easily::  will feel even more cramped.  So I say truce - we got off on the wrong foot, lets try to put it behind us, at least until this project is wrapped up and we’re both a few lighyears away from one another.  

Xerix:  ..Fine. Truce it is….How’s the Veritas gang?

Teller:  Good by and large - been a busy few months.  How about your new crew?  Gorkon’s certainly a pretty ship.  

Xerix: It’s a great ship...I’ve had a bit of a hard time adjusting to be honest. 

Geoff gasped in feigned shock.  

Teller:  You?  ::He smirked::  But you make friends so easily?  

Xerix:  ::He looked pointedly at the engineer:: I thought a truce meant we stop taking shots at one another.

Teller:  Sorry sorry, force of habit - last one I swear.  Seriously, you always struck me as a competent enough officer - what’s tripping you out?  Captain over there have a weird pet or something?  

Xerix: She has a few. But it’s me, honestly. At the academy and even on the Veritas, I felt like the big boat in the harbor. On the Gorkon, they make certain I know my place. It’s caused me to behave in ways I’m not proud of. 

Ghant pushed the tray of food away from him, suddenly uninterested in eating. 

Teller: Well, that’s one good thing at least.  

Xerix: What is?

Teller:  You’re thinking about whatever it was you did.  Fair few people I know don’t think you’re capable of that.  Might be a sign of maturity if you’re not careful.  

Xerix:  Four forbid it. Do you think this ship is going to hold up long enough for it to matter?

Teller: Pfft ::Teller rapped the wall with his fist:: I think I can keep the nacelles attached if you don’t bounce us off a planet.  

Xerix: I doubt I’ll have the opportunity. Tiria Hamasaki seems firmly attached to that helm console. :: He stood and stretched:: I think I’m going to call it a night. Which bed is mine?

Teller:  Why don’t you take the top, I’ve got a little work left to do before I stretch out.  I’ll try to keep the noise to a minimum.  

Xerix: You sure? I could give you a boost if you need?

Teller snorted and rolled his eyes.  

Teller: If you’re bored up on the bridge I could use someone down in Engineering to help me reach the top shelves.  

Xerix: I’ll check my schedule. Gnight, dude. 

Teller:  Nighto.  

Ghant made his way into the top bunk and pulled the privacy partition closed.  Teller smiled and went back to his PADDwork, absentmindedly humming a few bars of Roll The Old Chariot Along.  Within a few moments, he was tapping his foot on the deck as well.  

Xerix:  As much as you know I love a good musical performance, might be we call an intermission until another time?

Teller: Huh? ::Teller looked up with a smile::  Oh sure buddy, sure.  Have a pleasant rest.  

Within a few minutes, the tight quarters were filled with two sounds.  The tapping of a jaunty beat on a PADD, and the grinding of Ghant Xerix’s teeth.  

((The next morning- zero four thirty)) 

Ghant woke early, early enough to hear Geoff still snoring underneath him. He rose quietly and dressed, then gathered his belongings, and Teller’s. He schlepped them all down to the unfinished cabin at the end of the corridor, where he had left one space suit the night before . He brought the suit back to the cabin where he was pleased to see his bunk mate still firmly unconscious. Leaving the suit in easy access, he placed a Betazoid chameleon rose next to it. Then he walked smugly towards the mess hall. Coffee and donuts were needed on this morning. 

Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller
Chief Engineer
USS Juneau - NX-99801
Captain Oddas A., Commanding


Lieutenant JG Ghant Xerix
Helm officer
USS Juneau

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