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Poll of the Week: Space Entrepreneur

Laria Herren

Poll of the Week: Space Entrepreneur  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. What kind of business would your character run in the Starbase 118 Commercial Sector?

    • Restaurant
    • Bar
    • Store
    • Services (Spa, Tailor, Barber, etc.)
    • Recreational facility (Club, Theatre, Gallery, etc.)
    • My character isn’t the entrepreneurial type
    • Have something else in mind? Let us know what kind of business your character would run below!

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Beyond Starfleet and the Federation government, there are plenty of career paths that citizens of the Federation can follow. Entrepreneurs like Quark and Joseph Sisko can start their own businesses and hone their skills in the field of their choice. The galaxy is a big place wand provides opportunities for everyone to partake in what the Ferengi call the Great Material Continuum. Major Federation space stations like Deep Space Nine are a promising site for future business owners of the Federation.

Deep Space Nine had the Promenade, home not only to Quark’s bar but also a variety of other stores, dining establishments, and other centers of civilian life on the station. Whether you were looking for a few alterations to your dress uniform or a nice meal at the Replimat, you could find what you were looking for on the Promenade. Our very own Starbase 118 has its own center of commerce and civilian life, the Commercial Sector.

This section of the starbase has been well-documented on the wiki, where you can see some of the establishments that have opened on the starbase over the years. It’s always good to have career back-up plans. Perhaps if a career in Starfleet doesn’t work out, your character could try their hand at starting their own business on the starbase. Perhaps your character has always wanted to be a restaurateur or a tailor.

What kind of business would your character run in the Starbase 118 Commercial Sector?

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If it were Chris Harrington or Chythar, probably a Raktajino / Brew Continuum franchise.

Tobian: Wine. Definitely wine. He grew up on a vineyard, after all.

Carter or Cadfael: Um...parts shop?

No other characters defined at this time for "entrepreneur" status.

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Loxley prefers conducting scientific research to actually having to deal with people. So, maybe a medical clinic, but probably more likely he'd turn the space into his own private lab, members of the public very much not allowed!

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Do science classes count as recreational? German would definitely open up an Exploratorium first on Denobula and then expand onto the other planets. 

Have like wormholes that connect to each one. 

Maybe even play around with time travel. Only like the past 5 minutes tho... 😏

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