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Poll of the Week: Bon Appétit

Laria Herren

Poll of the Week: Bon Appétit  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you choose to run your ship’s mess hall?

    • Neelix
    • Quark
    • Joseph Sisko
    • Guinan
    • Chef (Enterprise NX-01)
    • Benjamin Sisko
    • William T. Riker
    • Hoshi Sato
    • Have someone else in mind? Let us know who you would pick below!

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On a Starfleet ship or station, especially in the days before replicators and advanced food synthesizers, one of the most valuable members of the crew is the ship’s chef. The crew works best if there are a variety of quality dishes available in the mess hall. Just take a look at Deep Space Nine. The promenade was full of restaurants for the crew to choose from. Whether you would rather join Bashir and Garak for lunch at the Replimat, visit Quark’s, or make your own meals like Captain Sisko, there is a dining option for you.

Even in the age of replicators creating ready-to-serve meals out of thin air there is still a preference for food made from scratch. People are willing to forgo the convenience of a replicator for a home-cooked meal. A real chef and a dining establishment to supplement a mess hall full of replicators can still benefit a 24th century ship or station. But who would you pick to be your ship’s chef?

There are no shortage of chefs with culinary experience, both Starfleet and civilian. Some of them are restaurateurs full-time, while others just see cooking as a hobby or skill. If you had your own ship, who would you ask to keep the galley on your ship running smoothly and producing good food? Do you think that your crew is tough enough to survive Leola Root everything? Maybe you would prefer to see Sisko’s Creole Kitchen open a location on your ship. Who would you choose to run your ship’s mess hall? Be sure to cast your vote below!

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As annoying as many people find him, I have to say Neelix.

I just love trying new things and he is the man most daring in the kitchen.

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