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Ensign DeTroyes: No More Running Around

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((OOC: Read Alastriona’s introduction to Starbase 118 here: https://bit.ly/2kiJa3y ))

((Starbase 118, Deck 808, Suite 0200, Alastriona’s Suite))

:: Rising from a bed where she dreamt of long rides past castles and burning embers, the dark starlight lay happily upon her lap. She had suffered and survived the night, bathed in dark water, like any blade of grass.::

::Alastriona DeTroyes arose, steadily confronting the morning's silence. Her cats, Hansel and Gretel remained sleeping upon soft clouds, drifting through the night's starlight. She glanced at the Hypervision 3D holographic wall, where balloon-like multicolored Scylanthians drifted by in a simulation of the native species on her homeworld. It brought a smile to her face and she jumped out of bed, to the annoyance of her cats, who climbed back on and drifted away again. Alastriona ran a hand down Hansel’s back and the cat stirred, stretched and yawned.::

DeTroyes: Come on, sleepy! Time to get up.

:: Her morning was like a dance in the sunshine. After feeding her cats and breakfasting on croissants and mint tea, she put on her Star Fleet uniform for the first time in quite a long time. A teal sweater underneath a tunic, a skirt, and a pair of black boots.::

oO Not as attractive as the old uniform back in my day. Oh well. Oo

:: She touched the ensign insignia on her collar, wondering what her new assignment would bring. A smile touched her face.::

oO Probably a boring place. Its just a starbase spinning in the vacuum of space. Oo

DeTroyes: I bet nothing ever happens here. No more running around shooting at aliens for me, no.

::Brushing her long blonde hair, she wondered if she should braid it or continue trying to brush it. Her hair always ended up in a wild entanglement, no matter how long she tried to tame it. With a sigh, she put her hair into a ponytail and departed her home.::

((Starbase 515, Stellar Cartography))

::Uniformed and refreshed, she entered Stellar Cartography. As soon as she stepped inside, a dome of stars appeared, slowly spinning overhead, like snowflakes drifting down on a quiet day. Alastriona went to stand under the dome, and stared up into the simulation of the Milky Way galaxy. Some distance away from Sol, a star flared bright and emitted a tiny bubble, which expanded into the cold.::

DeTroyes: I knew it. Data verification is such a pretty sight.

::Her assistant, Ensign Eileithyia Sophronia walked into the chamber.::

Sophronia: Alastriona, what are you -?

::Alastriona raised a hand, silencing her assistant.::

DeTroyes: Did you know?

::Eileithyia shook her head.::

DeTroyes: Supernova explosions can break through the galactic disk and inject hot gas into the galactic corona. These drive a series of galactic fountains, wherein the gas cools and condenses, and eventually recycles matter into the galactic disk.

Sophronia: Why is it - ?

::Intent on her research, Alastriona wasn’t listening. She interrupted her assistant once again.::

DeTroyes: These hot gas clouds can suppress stellar winds so that interstellar gas and dust can enter star systems in quantities great enough to affect the star and life on any planets surrounding it.

Sophronia: Should we tell someone?

::Alastriona giggled.::

DeTroyes: No, silly. These events take thousands of years to manifest.

Sophronia. Oh.

Alastriona tilted her head in curiosity.

DeTroyes: Why have you come?

Sophronia: I thought I’d remind you about your appointment.

::A lightning jolt went through her body. Alastriona turned the simulation off.::

DeTroyes: Thank you kindly, Eileithyia. I’d better get down to the Academy.

((Academy Campus Green – StarBase 118))

Stepping out of the turbolift, Alastriona walked over to the campus green where three figures stood. An attractive, tall man stood there, panting slightly, as if he was out of breath.::

oO He may be tall for earthlings, but most of them are short and fat by Scylanthian standards. Hmm, I wonder if he’s from a light gravity planet, like me? Oo

:: He wore a beautiful tunic of purple, not what she’d seen very often in uniforms aboard starships. Next to the attractive man was a Caitian woman with reddish brown fur. Alastriona smiled. She liked Caitians. The third was an Andorian, who stood calmly chatting. She noticed that he wore green.::

oO A marine. Joy, joy. What have I gotten myself into now? Oo

Dal: Thank you both for joining me.

Termine: My pleasure sir, it's nice to be back on duty - although I wish it was under better circumstances. Are there more details available? 

M’Wash: Hello, sir. 

Dal: ::looking up.:: Ah, perfect timing.  Ensign Alastriona De Troyes?

DeTroyes: Yes, sir. Bonjour.

Dal: I am Commander Ishreth Dal, acting Commanding Officer while Fleet Captain Taybrim and Commander Fairhug are away. This is Lieutenant Termine and Ensign M’Wash. ::He introduced gently.::

:: Dante bowed at the hip.::

:: Alastriona smiled and nodded towards him while the Caitian greeted him.::

M’Wash: Hello.

Dal: I’m tapping all three of you, as well as two more officers as a rescue squad for our support ship, the USS Narendra. Please, come with me and I’ll explain on the way.  The information is sensitive, so we can get to know one another until we’re in a secure location.

::They went over to the main turbolift, which took them up and away from the academy. Alastriona hesitated getting into it. Stifling a grin, she shook her head a little and got into the turbolift. The commander told the lift to bring them to the shuttlebay.::

::Alastriona bit her lip.::

oO I hope Eileithyia remembers to feed my cats. Oo

:: The man interrupted her concerns.::

Termine: Do we have any intel about the occupying force of the state of the captives? 

DeTroyes: Is there any indication that they are even alive, sir?

Termine: That's a very good point De Troyes, M'wash the Major said you've dealt with this cult before? Any general insights you can share with us? I'm just new to the sector myself and haven't yet had time to read the briefing material. 

M’Wash: Well, there was a chaos at this Starbase a few months ago. I am not sure, but the Cult might have been responsible for creating a chaos at this Starbase. Holodecks were reprogrammed at this Starbase.

::Alastrion leaned back in the turbolift until the back of her ponytail struck the wall. She closed her eyes.::

oO Klingons. Why did it have to be Klingons? Millions of light years into space and where do I end up? Next to those animals. Oo ::She whispered to herself,::

DeTroyes: And I was having such a wonderful day.

Dal : ?

Termine/M’Wash: ?

::Alastriona snapped her head forward and opened her eyes. The others were looking at her with mixed expressions.::

DeTroyes: Oh, nothing. I was just involved in some research this morning. I’ve made a discovery.

Dal : ?

Termine/M’Wash: ?

::Alastriona tried to make it simple for them.::

DeTroyes: I found that the clustering of extragalactic, extreme ultraviolet sources at high galactic latitudes is consistent with the hypothesis that the Local Bubble may actually be part of a cylindrical cavity that pierces the galactic disk.

::Alastriona made a face and shook her head.::

DeTroyes: Never mind.

Dal : ?

Termine/M’Wash: ?

((Starbase 118, Deck 44, Shuttlebay))

::After an interminably long - at least as far as Alastriona was concerned - turbolift ride, the doors opened to a magnificent view. A dozen vessels were docked inside a vast chamber and a row of shuttles stood to one side. People were coming and going everywhere, but one of them motioned for them to approach one shuttle, whose doors were open and, presumably, inviting.::

Dal : ?

Termine/M’Wash: ?

::Alastriona stepped inside first. A man with slightly curly dark hair looked up at her as she entered. There was an Andorian there too, and another marine. Wrinkling her nose at the marine, Alastriona sat down and nodded to them.::

DeTroyes: Bonjour.

Hael: ?

Foster: ?

Marime: ?

::As the others entered and took seats, Alastriona muttered to herself,::

DeTroyes: No more running around shooting at aliens, no.

Ensign Alastriona De Troyes
Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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