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USS Astraeus Finds Bajoran Survivors On Cardassian Prison Colony

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CARDASSIAN PRISON COLONY, ALPHA QUADRANT — Following the discovery of Bajorans being held on a Cardassian prison colony, the crew of the Federation starship USS Astraeus (NCC-70652) implemented rescue operations to recover them.

The away team consisted of Commanders Riley and Solok, Lieutenants Shin and Hamasaki, and Ensigns Sirk, Sotak and Hathur.

As the team headed down to the planet via shuttlecraft, they and the Astraeus were assaulted by the Son’a, a splinter sect of the Baku people. Most notable for their suspected participation in the Dominion War, as well as their use of illegal subspace weaponry, the Son’a attack involved dangerous isolytic ordinance.

Attempts to retrieve the away team and the Bajoran prisoners were complicated by the emanation of scattered tachyon particles from the Son’a vessel. With Son’a reinforcements inbound and a tight timeframe in which to act, Captain Mei’konda swiftly ordered that all officers and prisoners on the surface be beamed onboard the Astraeus.

“We tried to fend off as many ships as we could, but when Lt. Hamasaki got shot in the leg, we decided it was best to make do with what we had,” stated Ensign Brent Michelle, a torpedo mechanic onboard the Astraeus.

With everyone safely aboard, Ensign Wrader and Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek went to the brig where the Cardassian prison warden Thraen Khamar awaited interrogation.

After the interrogation, the Astraeus crew reached an agreement with the Cardassian government to turn the warden over in an undisclosed trade.

With the mission a success, the crew of the USS Astraeus are now undergoing a month-long trek towards their much-awaited destination, the Eagle Nebula.



Written by German Galven

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