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SS Red Star Located Deep Within Romulan Space

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JAROK THREE — After investigating rumors that the hijacked SS Red Star was being held in the Typhon Expanse, the USS Thor and USS Thunder found the passenger ship had been moved into Romulan space.

Following leads coming from Starfleet Intelligence, the Thor and Thunder’s orders were to rescue the civilian passengers of the Red Star that had been hijacked by renegade Tal Shiar, destroy the Red Star to keep the renegades from learning the secrets of the QSD equipped ship, and discover the formula for the cure of the pathogen before the Tal Shiar tried to use it on entire planets.

While the Thor destroyed the Red Star and rescued its passengers, the plan called for them to use the Thor’s QSD and travel back to Til’ahn – a plan Rear Admiral Toni Turner reluctantly carried out, with the understanding that no one would be left behind. As a result, a new plan would be required immediately afterwards.

“There is a difference in what we should do and what we can do,” explained Turner. “We’ve already started the QSD and are nearly back to the Embassy. If we stopped it now to turn back, we’d have to stop for the cooldown time before we could start it back up again, putting the Red Star passengers at more risk than they already are. Our best bet is on contacting the Bronwyn and the Ashoka to go in and make sure Hannibal is on his way home or help him with anything they need.”

The USS Ashoka is one of two ships sent to cover Til’ahn while the Thor and Thunder were away.

At present, the Thor is nearly back to the Embassy, and the Thunder, a Marine ship, continues to battle the renegades. The Bronwyn and Ashoka are nearing their respective targets.


Written by Toni Turner

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