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USS Columbia celebrates shore leave with awards, birth of twin boys, and personnel changes

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DELTA VEGA I — The USS Columbia has returned to Dehner Base, where the crew are recovering from the aftermath of their previous assignment.

With their encounter with the Shanshuri fresh in their mind, the crew USS Columbia (NCC-85279) have arrived in orbit above Dehner Base where they have been granted extended shore leave to decompress, whilst Starfleet Command investigates the Shanshuri threat to the region.

As a result of the Columbia’s encounter with the hostile species, Starfleet Commander is understood to be working with the members of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth to foster better relations between the pair.

Several of the crew took the opportunity to visit Dehner Base and reacquainted with old friends, as well as enjoy the recreational facilities. Additionally, an awards ceremony has been held aboard the Columbia to recognise the efforts of the crew against the Shanshuri, with some of the highlights including the promotion of Lt. Pholin Duyzer to Lt. Commander and Ens. James Colquhoun and Ens. Rebecca Owens to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

It is all change on the Columbia at the moment, with one senior officer being reassigned and another taking a leave of absence. Cmdr. Luna Walker, the ship’s Chief Engineer is currently on maternity leave, after her spouse Lt. JG. Danni James gave birth to twin boys. It is understood both babies and Lt. JG. James are doing well.

Cmdr. Jarred Thoran, the ship’s First Officer is also due to leave, having been assigned as a Cultural Attaché to the Starfleet Diplomatic Team on Losaria. A successor to the commander has yet to be announced, and the crew wishes him well in his new assignment.

The Columbia has also welcomed several new staff aboard including Lt. Ryan Horn (engineering), Ens. Artinus Serinus and Ens. Kano Risha (security) and Ens. Nali Talia (medical). Taelon, an old friend of Capt. Whittaker and a specialist in Exotechnology has also been assigned to the ship, further reinforcing the Columbia’s mission of exploration in the region.


Written by Jarred Thoran

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