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USS Eagle’s shore leave cut short by multiple detonations

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THE SPIKE, AAVARO WILDS – In the wake of a celebration meant to honor the achievements of the starship Eagle’s (NCC-74659) crew, several enormous explosions interrupted festivities, causing significant damage.

“First day off in two months, and I’ve got to deal with this (expletive deleted),” offered Fire Controller Thurman, who immediately proceeded to enter the subsequent fiery cataclysm.

After a highly dangerous test of the new Warp XV engine core, which left the ship and crew stranded in an alternate sub-reality, shore leave was authorized at the Spike, the colloquial term for Lightside Station. While the Eagle was refitted and repaired following damage sustained during attempts to exit the sub-reality, Eagle personnel enjoyed leave activities, which were set to culminate with a semi-official function.

It is here that the explosions occurred, causing significant destruction and disruption to Lightside Station.

Reports remain preliminary, but the nature of the explosions, combined with Bajoran writing graffiti-ed on bulkheads near the epicenter lead investigators to believe that this was a purposeful attack — a theory supported by the manner in which the attack was performed.

Starfleet officers caught in the midst of this immediately attempted to assert control and order on the situation.

Engineering and operations teams sought to prevent further degradation of the structure they inhabited, and medical support teams immediately began to treat the wounded. One officer, Lieutenant Commander Irina Pavlova, the security chief for the Eagle, suffered several serious wounds, including trauma to the spine. Her condition is listed as critical.

At last report, the Eagle had received a general distress signal from the Mithgiln, the details of which were not conveyed to the Federation News Service.

Written by Randal Shayne

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