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Unknown virus corrupts Memory Alpha data banks

Federation News Service

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MEMORY ALPHA — Staff at the major Federation library on Memory Alpha are performing damage control operations after a virus of unknown origins infected and corrupted the data of four major data banks containing government records.

The first signs of trouble were reported by the night shift officer shortly before the beginning of the morning shift. When any request for information is made from Memory Alpha, any failure to retrieve information produces an error in the control room. The damage done by the virus produced more than fourteen errors within the span of two minutes, causing the officer on duty to institute security protocols. Once the data banks were isolated, the crew began their investigation to determine the cause of the corrupted data.

All four of the data banks affected were used for storing official Federation records and documents. Files lost include archived law enforcement reports, communication logs, and long-range sensor data. Data recovery experts from Starfleet are attempting to restore as much corrupted data as possible to a readable state. So far, corrupted data has only been discovered on the four affected data banks. Diagnostic tests revealed no major problems with any other sections of the library.

“Starfleet will investigate this matter as thoroughly as possible and seek to bring those responsible to justice,” stated Lieutenant Commander Taisir of Starfleet Security.

Officials are searching for any indications of who developed the virus and how it was delivered to Memory Alpha. It is possible that the virus was deployed through an information request to Memory Alpha or was physically brought onto the planet. Starfleet investigators do not currently have enough information to determine the vector for the virus at this time.

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