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Poll of the Week: To Captain and Beyond

Laria Herren

Poll of the Week: To Captain and Beyond  

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  1. 1. What are your character’s Starfleet career goals?

    • As long as they can serve with a good crew and do their duty, my character is in no rush to climb through the ranks
    • My character would love to be the chief of their department
    • The captain’s chair
    • Serving in a specialized branch of Starfleet (Starfleet Intelligence, Starfleet Medical, etc.)
    • Leadership within Starfleet’s bureaucracy
    • My character would like to go all the way to the top of Starfleet’s chain of command
    • Does your character have different goals in mind? Let us know below!

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Starfleet is an incredibly large organization with many different branches. The backbone of Starfleet are the Starfleet ships which explore the galaxy and serve as the primary line of defense for the Federation. There are also starbases and ground facilities throughout the Federation that often have a similar roster of senior staff as Starfleet ships. There are also special branches of Starfleet that are focused on specific issues like legal matters and courts martial, intelligence-gathering, or medicine. There are also those highest-ranked admirals at Starfleet Command who oversee the entire organization.

Each Starfleet officer has their own specializations and their own ambitions for their time in Starfleet. Not everyone wants to be an admiral or rise all the way through the ranks. Every Starfleet officer isn’t in it for the long run. The galaxy offers plenty to see and do beyond Starfleet. Or they might just like what they do and not want to take on different responsibilities.

This week we want to know more about your character’s career ambitions in Starfleet. Are they the ambitious type aiming to become an admiral, or are they more than happy where they are now? Or did Michael Eddington get it right when he said that “It’s the captain’s chair that everyone has their eye on.”? What are your character’s Starfleet career goals? Let us know below!

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