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USS Eagle escapes alien domain, narrowly avoids conflict

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UNKNOWN LOCATION – Following a disastrous test of an experimental warp drive system that stranded them in an unexplored dimension of space, the crew of the Federation Starship USS Eagle (NCC-74659) managed to depart without major conflict.

“I’d be happy to give you a complete report- just as soon as I have the slightest clue as to what precisely just happened,” groused Crenker Khag, a visiting specialist on warp theory.

Upon realizing the multitude of issues facing them, the Eagle successfully landed on a strange physical body, the sole detectable object in a region otherwise devoid of material matter. This, however, changed in short order as a ship appeared. Communication was problematic to establish, but once achieved, the situation quickly escalated.

As security teams fought to repel boarders, Captain Oddas, who had been overseeing the situation in Engineering, returned the bridge and attempted to parlay with the alien force.

Unfortunately for the Eagle, they had landed on one of the aliens’ holy relics, and further investigation revealed that not only was the ship beginning to break apart as a result of spatial distortion, but the Shrine (what the ship had landed on) was being similarly degraded by the Eagle’s presence.

In a desperate attempt to escape the situation, the captain ordered that Chief Science Officer Drex’s idea about launching from the Shrine utilizing the explosive decompression of lower compartments be executed.

Meanwhile, in engineering, preparations were being made to return the Eagle to her proper spatial plane. Without a solid understanding of the physics that brought them to that point, many suppositions and educated guesses had to be accepted, but eventually, power was restored sufficiently to allow for an attempt to return to normal space. By spinning up the warp drive to maximum without moving forward, it was hoped and envisioned that the sudden acceleration with the precise alignment of the warp systems would kick the ship out of the unusual space.

Though the ride was significantly bumpy, no serious casualties were sustained upon breaching the subspace layer and returning home.

As damage control parties began to repair the relevant systems, the Eagle prepared to return to home base. It has been made clear that the anomaly that caused the incident will be explored fully, as prior investigation revealed that the problem did not start with the experimental warp drive.

While the Eagle undergoes repairs, the crew will be enjoying shore leave on the Spike. ujIq0ZmcWcIAvjOx5qIlPedlb8FGMpCoakdspYBN


Written by Randal Shayne

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