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Romulan refugee community agitated by Coalition Marshals drug raid on Ketar

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KETAR V, THE SHOALS — A nighttime drug raid conducted by the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service was met with resentment by the Romulan refugee community as officers from the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) worked to keep the peace.

While conducting their investigation of the murder of a Starfleet officer at one of the local shipyards on the colony of Ketar V, the crew of the USS Veritas discovered that the murder victim Lt. Commander Armin Illanos may have been involved with the illicit trade of the narcotic felicium. As the crew continued to investigate leads into the killing, the Coalition Marshals were ordered by colony officials to conduct a drug raid in the Romulantown neighborhood of Centennial City.

The operation quickly turned into chaos as a towering inferno erupted from one of the apartment high rises during the raid. Meanwhile, a marshal was taken hostage by a select group of Romulans. The Veritas beamed down several officers to assist the marshals in regaining control of the situation.

“It was just an ordinary night, and then suddenly, we saw a bunch of marshals running right past us ready to storm the apartment,” said local resident Janice Hu, who has lived in the neighborhood for the past two decades. “Ever since the Romulans have been coming here, there’s been grumbling about crime and whatnot, but I think there could have been a better way for the marshals to have handled this.”

Chief Marshal Jennings of the CCMS disagreed.

“Our operations were conducted with the strict oversight of the colonial government,” said Jennings in a press conference the next morning.

Jennings also took time to acknowledge the help from Starfleet in recovering their captured marshal and noted that several arrests were made of individuals with links to the felicium trade.


Written by Roshanara Rahman

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