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Lieutenant Solaris McLaren - Calling Home

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(( Sol's quarters - U.S.S. Narendra ))
:: Sol closed the message, spinning around in her chair. It looked like she needed to replicate something nice enough for the upcoming party. What she wouldnt give for Georgio to be aboard the Narendra. The hologram was a bit eccentric, but had great fashion sense. She chuckled to herself and stood, walking over to the replicator. She scrolled through the menus, just browsing the list of semi-formal attire she could replicate, finally settling on a nice off the shoulder dress with a corsetted bodice and a pair of heels. She picked up the garment and the shoes and set them on the bed, undoing the jacket of her uniform. ::
McLaren: Computer... what is the time in Belfast, Ireland?
:: The computer beeped. ::
Computer: 17:34 hours.
:: Sol grinned, walking over to her terminal tapping in a few commands. The screen changed to a standard subspace communications splash screen as her call was put through. She set her combadge on the desk, and started pulling her pips off, setting them next to it. The screen soon changed to show a quaint Irish cottage, though no one was currently on the screen. Sol's brow furrowed in confusion. ::
McLaren: Hello?
:: The was a slight crash off screen. ::
Vivian McLaren: In ainm Dé! Rose... hang on!
:: The face of a woman soon slid into view, a bit dusty, presumably from cleaning the house. Sol laughed. ::
McLaren: Hey, Mum. How are you?
Vivian: Im fine! Rose... when did you get back? Last we heard you were going away for a while... then nothing.
McLaren: I just got to my new posting yesterday. Im back on Starbase 118.
Vivian: Is everything ok?
:: Sol nodded smiling. ::
McLaren: Yea, everything is fine, Mum. I just wanted to call and let you know I was still alive... :: She chuckled. :: By the time I got aboard yesterday it was too late to call.
Vivian: Oh you could ahve called... we would have been thrilled.
:: Sol nodded. ::
McLaren: Yea, perfectly thrilled until the next morning rolled around.
:: Vivian laughed. ::
Vivian: Maybe so, love... maybe so. What has Starfleet got you doing now?
McLaren: Same thing as always Mum. Lots of paperwork... some exploration. oO And going undercover for months at a time... but I cant tell you about that... Oo What about you? Hows the shop?
Vivian: A bit slow recently... but it'll pick up. Always does.
McLaren: And what about Dad? Wheres he right now?
Vivian: Oh he's at the pub, getting ready to open. You just missed him.
:: Sol frowned. ::
McLaren: Let him know I called?
Vivian: :: nodding :: Of course, I'll--
:: There was a bark and the face of a Siberian Husky popped into the frame bringing a wide smile to Sol's face. ::
McLaren: Hi Luna! Have you been a good dog?
:: Luna licked the screen, barking. Vivian laughed. ::
McLaren: Im sure you have Luna... I miss you.
:: Sol placed her hand on the screen and Luna licked it again. ::
Vvivan: We all miss you too, Rose...
:: Sol glacned at the chronometer, sighing. ::
McLaren: I have to go Mum, gotta finish getting ready... theres a ceremony soon. Everyone has to be there.
:: Vivian nodded. Luna whined, getting a pet from Vivian. ::
Vivian: Alright Rose, have a good time. Be safe.
McLaren: I will. Is breá liom tú.
Vivian: I love you too.
:: Sol smiled, waving. Luna barked again, before dropping out of the frame as her mother ended the transmission. Sol sat back and sighed, happy to have gotten a chance to finally call home. She couldnt sit idle for too long , soon getting up to finish getting ready for the award ceremony. ::
(( OOC: Just a little bit of Sol with her mother. And her dog. Because I felt like writing. ))
Lieutenant Solaris McLaren
Intelligence Officer
Starbase 118 Ops



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