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Constitution Crew Celebrates Promotion and Awards

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EN ROUTE TO STARBASE 104 – The crew of the USS Constitution celebrated the promotion of Jalana Rajel to Fleet Captain.

After wrapping up their resupply turned rescue mission to the outpost on Gamma Orionis VIb, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) settled into a period of shore leave while traveling to their home base, Starbase 104. Unbeknownst to the crew, Rear Admiral Heraan, the Starfleet Director of Logistics, had other plans for everyone. As the Constitution traveled at warp towards Starbase 104, Heraan contacted the ship’s civilian bartender, Elias Kincaid, with a request for Kincaid to plan a party.

Shortly thereafter, an invitation was sent to the Constitution’s senior staff, mandatory their attendance at a party. The invitation also detailed that this party was themed to match the lounge’s new Western décor and hat wearing was all but obligatory. With little information to go on, this invitation caused much speculation across the ship. Many crewmembers surmised that the party was atonement for them having nearly destroyed the Admiral’s Argo buggies during the mission.

When the time came for the party to start, the crew arrived all decked out in their best Western gear, many feeling slightly silly but having fun nonetheless. Just before the imminent arrival of Heraan, the crew was joined by a surprise guest, Senior Commander Nugra of the GSN Dark Blade. Nugra, an old friend of Captain Rajel, had come to serve in a diplomatic function on behalf of the Gorn Confederation.

Within a few minutes of Nugra’s arrival, Heraan arrived, also dressed in Western wear, and took the small dais to speak to the entire room. After only a few words, it was obvious to the crew that Captain Rajel was his primary focus. Fortunately for everyone in the room, Heraan’s visit was much more pleasant than anticipated.

“Now, I was going to take great pride in presenting you with your first hollow pip,” said Heraan. “But despite the fact I maintain you’re not nearly old enough or ugly enough to be a Captain, those stuffy record keepers at HQ assure me that you already have the full set! Well then, I’m afraid that you leave me no choice but to give you a bar to put them on. Congratulations, Fleet Captain Rajel!”

The room soon erupted in raucous applause and cheer as he presented the newly minted Fleet Captain with her rank insignia. That is until Rajel quieted the room to hand out her own awards to various members of the crew.


Written by Alex Blair

The post Constitution Crew Celebrates Promotion and Awards appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG.

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