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Starfleet Officer Murdered at Ketar V, USS Veritas to Aid Investigation

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KETAR V, THE SHOALS — The USS Veritas has arrived at Ketar V to assist Colonial Coalition Marshals Service (CCMS) in the investigation of the murder of Lt. Cmdr. Armin Illanos.

Illanos, whose body was found outside the Explosive Decompression bar in Opportunity, was the Starfleet liaison officer to the Livernois Shipyard. The large civilian shipyard has been contracted by Starfleet to build runabouts, transports, and other small craft that are essential to the Federation’s infrastructure in the region. Reports indicate that the man was stabbed multiple times, and that he appeared to have written the letters “R.L.” on the ground, using his own blood to communicate one final message before he died.

A CCMS official has informed the FNS that they believe the letters to be an abbreviation for Reya-Laialara, a reclusive group of Vulcans and Romulans that maintains a hidden colony somewhere deep in the Shoals. At least one suspect is being held for questioning, but no charges are expected at this juncture.

Veritas officers have joined the head of the CCMS investigation, Inspector Marshal Henning Hext, in investigating the murder. Officers have been spotted at the Livernois Shipyard, where they have been questioning people who worked with Illanos, including the owner and several senior workers. Other officers were engaged with studying forensic evidence at the Ketar Medical Center.

Meanwhile, Illanos’ body has been returned to Veritas, and will eventually make its way back to Earth for internment.

“Starfleet takes the loss of its officers very seriously, and is authorizing the Veritas to use all means at its disposal to determine the reason for Commander Illanos’ death, as well as to identify those responsible,” said a Starfleet spokesperson for the office of Rear Admiral Joseph Washington, Commander for Starfleet Operations in the Tholian Region. “We have full faith that the combined efforts of Starfleet and the CCMS will result in the arrest and prosecution of all culpable parties.”

The spokesperson had no comment on early reports that Captain Roshanara Rahman and several members of her crew were themselves taken into CCMS custody for their supposed involvement in a brawl at a diner near the Livernois shipyard. The FNS will be monitoring these developments and provide updates as they become available.


Written by Evan Delano

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