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JP Lt Yito Seja & Lt Edward Spears, MD - Second Dates are Always Trouble Part 2

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((Best dates always end up in jail, right? :P))

((Hinji Sector - Starbase 104))


Yito: You hear that?


Spears: Yeah. Some kind of a disturbance back in the main area.


::They weren’t the only ones to notice. The people around them started to shift uneasily. Some moved toward the source of the shouting, the majority tried to move closer to the walls and into the studio.::


:: Seja listened quietly, hoping to pick something up a stray comment, so kind of clue but everyone was just speculating like them. ::


Spears: I mean, I feel like we should go check it out… 


Yito: We are not on duty.


Spears: Well no, we’re not but… This is a pretty remote part of the station. I doubt anyone else will be around to investigate.


Yito: Ok.  :: Sighing ::  I guess someone could be in trouble.


Spears: ::Grinning:: Lead on, oh chief of security.


:: Seja lead the way back through the crowds of people following the shortest route to the loudest of the noise. ::


::The shouting from the main area wasn’t just a mild disagreement; it was a full-blown protest. Hinji, Linarans, and even a Ferengi were shouting, flashing holographic protest banners, and generally making a mess of the place. All seemed to be showing their general disdain for the Federation.::


Spears: Well these folks seem pleasant. 


Yito: Very pleasant. I think we need to call for back-up, there are rules against these kinds of protests.


:: A voice spoke up over the speakers. ::


Speakers: This is a peaceful art exhibition and we welcome all people from all worlds as a neutral group.  Please leave this area.


:: There was an angry uproar from the crowd. Seja pointed to the Hinji women on the mic. ::


::Ed looked to where Seja was pointing, seeing the Hinji woman.::


Yito: If I can see her so can they.


Speakers: We will call security if you don’t.... :: The power was cut off to the mic. ::


Spears: Oh that’s not good. This isn’t going anywhere good… ::Ed started to move in the direction of the artist-with-a-mic out of instinct more than anything else.::


Yito: You know we aren’t meant to get involved.


:: Seja knew it was the right thing to do to help this person get out of here.  She could be in danger, Seja didn’t know whether or not the protest would turn violent. ::


Spears: ::Shrugging helplessly:: I don’t like where this is going. I know anti-federation sentiment flares up here from time to time but...


Yito: Fine I’ll be right behind you.


Yito: =/\= Security emergency, security needed in Hinji section :: She wish she knew exactly where they were. :: ar... =/\= :: Her commbadge was thrown out of her hand. ::


Linaran: Starfleet… all alone now.


:: Seja stood ready to defend herself but he didn’t attack, he just walked away.  She moved over to Ed. ::


Yito: We need to get out of here now.


Spears: OK, yeah… That’s not good.


::Ed looked around for Seja’s comm badge, but it had been lost under trampling feet. Ed reached his hand into his pocket and squeezed his own comm badge, activating its silent distress signal. Was that a bit of overkill given no one had technically done anything violent (yet)? Maybe…::


Linaran: Hey! Someone just sent a signal from somewhere in here! 


::Ed cringed as one of the magnificent metal sculptures was pulled down in front of the main access hatch, completely blocking them all inside.::


Linaran: There’s more Starfleet here! Find them! We’ll make an example of them…


Spears: We need to find another way out… 


:: Seja looked around trying to access where the greatest danger would come from. ::


Yito: The front entrance is blocked.


Spears: Maybe through the back. Let’s try it.


::Ed ducked through the people as they started to panic. The protest group was small but seemed to have a plan. The crowd was large and running on instinct. The two groups were about to boil over into a crisis and Ed didn’t want to be caught in the middle.::

Yito: There has to be another way out.  Where the artists come in and out?


Spears: I’m thinking, I’m thinking.


::It all seemed to be one huge dead end. No matter which little alcove they went into it was just another place to store tools or materials instead of a convenient door or access point. Suddenly Ed heard a familiar whine of transporter beams in the space.::


Security Team Lead: Starfleet security! Everyone stand down! 


Linaran: Down with the Federation!


::There was a crash of shattering glass and a whoosh that Ed felt as much as heard. A pyre of flame leapt up high enough from the main room that they could see it over the partitions. Screams erupted from the main area.::


Spears: What did they do!?


Security Team Lead: Medical! We need medical down here!


::Ed started to push his way toward the commotion. Someone clearly needed help! He elbowed his way past a security officer and several grappling people. Whether they were trying to get away from the flames or at the security officer, Ed never found out. Something heavy hit him in the side of the head and he crashed to the deck only to be trampled by several terrified people. Ed’s vision swam out of focus and sound faded away until his consciousness left him.::


:: Seja rushed after him, not certain this was a good idea but not willing to leave him alone.  Seja was soon separated from Ed by the terrified crowd running the other way. She pushed her way through the crowd and finally found him a couple of minutes later lying unconscious on the floor his head bleeding.  He didn’t see what had happened but he didn’t seem safe there as a fight brewed around him between security and some of the angry locals. ::


((Brig, Starbase 104 - an hour later))


::Ed woke up feeling like he’d been his by a shuttlecraft. His eyes squinted at the harsh light coming down at him from above and he felt that he was lying down on something less comfortable than a standard biobed. Ed tried to sit up but groaned instead. Funny how he wanted his body to do one thing but it did another…::


Yito: Hi


:: Looking down at Ed, glad to see him awake. ::


Spears: Hey… You OK?


Yito: Me, I’m fine, a few bruises and a broken nose, oh and we happen to be in the brig.


Spears: Huh… Really? The brig? Never been in one of those before… ::He finally took in his surroundings. Yup. Brig.::




JP by


Lieutenant Yito Seja

Chief of Security

USS Constitution-B

ID number: E239306LB0




Lt Edward Spears, MD

Chief Medical Officer

USS Constitution-B


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