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PNPC Lt Takahashi Hiro - Jailbirds

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((Captain's Ready Room, USS Constitution-B))

Hiro stood at the door to the captain's ready room. He was dressed in his best service uniform (Technically every one of his uniforms was his best). His pips shone brightly against the crimson collar, and the fabric was visibly starched and pressed. His boots shone brightly enough that a crewman had stopped and stared during his breakfast in one of the lower deck lounges.

Hiro pressed the chime expectantly.

There was no answer.

Frowning, he pressed it again.

Still nothing.

Hiro [...]ed his head. This was incredibly unusual. The admiral had always been in his office before most beings were even awake. The gruff logistician had always preferred to eat while going over the morning reports. Hiro would often arrive just in time to dispatch the first of them to various facilities and vessels.

Takahashi: Computer, what is the whereabouts of Fleet Captain Rajel?

Computer: Captain Rajel is not onboard.

Perhaps the captain had been summoned to the station for an early morning meeting. This was exactly the kind of mix-up that could be avoided if they had talked about her calendar and organization already, but the captain seemed to be avoiding the man who's sole job was to be her shadow.

Takahashi: Please verify the time that Fleet Captain Rajel left the vessel, and log an inquiry with the starbase computer as to her whereabouts.

Computer: You are not authorized to know those exact details.

Another thing that could have been avoided if only they'd talked before now. Clearly Hiro needed to be able to access the captain's whereabouts at all times, on duty or not...

Takahashi: Computer, please update your protocols to reflect Fleet Captain Rajel's current rank.

The computer chirped in compliance.

That was something at least...

Hiro spun on his heel just as a female crewman was approaching from behind. She dropped a handful of PADDs onto the deck and splashed half a mug of Raktajino onto Hiro's neatly pressed uniform.

Takahashi: What is the meaning of this!?

Yeoman: Oh. My. Stars. I am so sorry, lieutenant. I was just coming to drop these off for the captain to look over later and didn't know you were going to turn around like that and the coffee is my first of the day so you know...

She paused to inhale.

Takahashi: Crewman. Are you assigned to the Fleet Captain?

Yeoman: Yessir! Yeoman First Class Anya Keen!

Takahashi: I guess that means you work for me now, Yeoman Keen. Lieutenant Takahashi, flag lieutenant.

Keen: Sir!? The captain didn't mention-

Takahashi: The captain has enough on her plate than needing to update a yeoman on every personnel transfer.

Keen balked at the flag lieutenant's gruff personality. It was like he was a Telarite or something!

Keen: Well she's not known for-

Takahashi: Do you have access to her ready room?

Keen: Of course sir.

Takahashi: After you, then...

Keen: R-right...

They entered the captain's ready room. Takahashi took note of the pristine condition of the office. It was like it was brand new - never used by a soul. Now this was a facet of the captain he hadn't expected. He was singularly delighted that she took such pride in her work place.

There was a clattering as Keen dumped the stack of PADDs into a desk drawer that was almost overflowing with identical devices, before shutting it again.

Takahashi: Yeoman. Why did you not add those PADDs to the captain's desk?

Keen: Well, sir, this is where the captain would shove them once she comes in anyway...

Takahashi: I... See. Very well. What is the captain's calendar like today?

Keen: Well I have no idea, sir. She doesn't share that information with me.

Takahashi: Yes, I'm started to get the sense that she likes her privacy. Never mind. We'll bring her around eventually.

Keen: ::Dazed:: We will?

Takahashi: Indeed. We will. Not to worry Yeoman Keen. I've been trained by Starfleet Administration, and I take my duties very seriously.

Keen: Oh. That's good to know, sir. ::She didn't sound very enthusiastic::

Just as the pair was about to leave the ready room, an incoming call announcement appeared on the desk terminal, featuring the Starbase 104 crest. Before the yeoman had a chance to say anything, Hiro tapped the terminal to accept the communication. From this point on he'd ensure only the most essentially communications made their way to the captain's attention. Flag officers were the gate keepers of their officer's time after all.

The face that appeared on the other end of the screen adopted a look of sudden surprise. He was lean and willowy, also sporting the rank of lieutenant though backed by the mustard facings of the operations division.

Security Officer: You're not Captain Rajel.

Takahashi: Very observant, lieutenant. You must be in security... ::He drawled acidly::

Security Officer: I-

Takahashi: I'm Lieutenant Takahashi; Fleet Captain Rajel's flag lieutenant. What do you have that need's the captain's attention?

Security Officer: We have two of the Constitution's senior officers locked up in the brig right now and were just wondering if the captain would like to come and sign for their release.

The security officer spoke with a false sweetness that Takahashi imagined he must have relished. Many in his line of work enjoyed passing on news like this. Senior officers incarcerated? That was a good start to a story in the wardroom...

Takahashi: ::Pulling a PADD and stylus out.:: Their names?

Security Officer: Yito and Spears. Lieutenants.

Takahashi: And the charges?

Security Officer: No formal charges... yet. An official complaint was filed after a violent altercation in a section of the station restricted to station personnel.

Now this was interesting, and likely to get the captain's attention. There was no way she could avoid him any longer if he had news like this. Still, the sense of injustice ruffled the bureaucrat's feathers.

Takahashi: Locked up on a complaint? Those officers are department heads on this ship. Hardly a risk that they wouldn't appear if summoned to answer to this complaint...

Security Officer: Standing orders are no one is released from detention until their CO comes to sign them out.

Takahashi: Sounds uncivilized if you ask me. I thought we were better than this.

Security Officer: And I thought we were better than our officers getting involved in riots and arson but there we go.

The screen went blank leaving Hiro's mouth slightly ajar for a moment. He quickly recovered and looked to the yeoman who was trying to appear as though she'd been deaf through the whole conversation. My, but the captain's flower looked like it needed watering...

Takahashi: Keen. You hold things down here. I'm off to find the captain.

Keen: Uh, yessir! Of course! ::She eyed the door.::

Hiro left with a quickness to his step that could only be brought on by a sense of purpose. He was starting to like this job, just a little. His new captain was a challenge.

Takahashi: =/\= Lieutenant Takahashi to Captain Rajel. It's urgent that I see you as soon as possible.=/\=

Rajel: Response

Takahashi: =/\= It's better not said over the comms, captain. A situation has come up on the station and some of our officers were involved.=/\=

Rajel: Response

Takahashi: =/\= Already on my way, captain. I'll see you there. =/\=

Tag / TBC

Lt Takahashi Hiro
Flag Lieutenant to Fleet Captain Rajel

Simmed by

Lt Edward Spears, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Constitution-B

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