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USS Montreal Destroyed Over Karakka

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KARRAKA, SHOALS — Following the destruction of the USS Montreal (NCC-64927), the crew was transported to Star Station Esperance where they remained for the duration of Commander Mei’konda’s court-martial.

The proceedings spanned a couple of days to allow for a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the vessel’s demise.

“It’s standard procedure,” commented JAG officer Lieutenant Commander Timothy Joseph. “It’s not every day starships get blown to bits in the line of duty.”

Most hostages from the freighter SS Belfast boarded transports to other locations upon reaching Esperance in hopes of putting some distance between themselves and the painful memories of loved ones lost. Some, however, have elected to remain with the Montreal crew and plan to join them as civilians aboard their new assignment.

William Bright, a civilian scientist, stated that he was grateful for the Montreal crew’s efforts in rescuing those taken hostage by Lenik of Vulcan.

“These people went above and beyond to save the people of Karakka and the hostages,” stated Bright. “They’re heroes and I’d be honoured to work with them in making the universe a safer place–even if it’s only in a civilian capacity.”

Several children who were orphaned by Lenik’s attack on the freighter have been taken in by Montreal crewmembers and will board the crew’s new assignment as civilians as well. Rumours claim that the new vessel will be a great deal larger with a maximum crew complement of around 1200.

Further reports indicate that the vessel’s first officer Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, who was taken captive by Lenik not long after their arrival at Karakka, has been safely retrieved with only minor physical injuries. Her doctors expect that, with time, she will make a full recovery.

Written by Lael Rosek

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