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Denboluan Dodgers set to face Antaran Athletes after rousing victory in first division

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ANDORIA — Action ramps up at the Galactic Ice Hockey Tournament as the Denobulan Dodgers are off to a flying start after topping their first division and set to face old enemies in the next game.

Losing only one of their games in the group – their game against The Gallant Grazites – missed by the last minute goal making the score 2-1 in favor of the Grazites. The loss was a shock to everyone, as they were last in the group with the one game to go. Sadly, they stayed in the last position but showed performance to be proud of for their fans.

Other teams in the league displayed rousing feats of power as well. The Blessed Bajorans came second. While they didn’t lose any matches, they drew two and only won the singular game, coming in position behind the Denobulan Dodgers by only a couple of points.

In third was the Haliian Heroes. They lost all their games bar one against the Gallant Grazities, which came in at 4-1. Their opponent came in dead last, losing all their games bar the surprising win over the Denobulan Dodgers, and coming in under the Haliians due to scoring fewer goals in the group. They only managed the three goals by full-time – two against the Denobulans, and the one against the Haliians – they failed to score against the Bajoran team, thrashed 7-0 by the team.

The highest scoring match in the group was the Denobulan Dodgers vs. Blessed Bajoran match, culminating in a thrilling 8-9 win for the Denobulan Dodgers. Every fan in the stadium was up on their feet for almost the whole match. It was quite something to watch.

The lowest scoring match was the Blessed Bajorans vs the Haliian Heroes, in which they shared a 0-0 draw, leaving many fans disappointed.

“My guys and gals did amazing out there,” commented Captain Arax – of the Denobulan Dodgers – how she felt about her team’s success in the group. “I’m extremely proud of them and I know that they did our planet and people just as proud.”

Receiving the “Denobulan of the Match”, Krez Carlson scored four of the nine goals against the Blessed Bajorans. A Denobulan Human Hybrid, Carlson was permitted to play for the team due to his Denobulan heritage.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” said top goal scorer Carlson, regarding his performance in the matches. “I’m just happy I can show off how much we’ve developed as a team since the last tournament. We didn’t do too well then and we’ve all been training almost day and night for the past three months for this. So yeah, it’s amazing!”

The Denobulan Dodgers will go onto play the Antaran Athletes in the next stage of the competition following their decisive victory in their group. The game is set to be an interesting one due to the history between the two species. It will be exciting to see how that game plays out and see who will progress further on towards the final of the tournament and claim the prize of Galactic Ice Hockey Tournament.

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