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Crew of USS Atlantis takes a break on Astral Paradise amid ongoing theft investigation

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PAR’THA EXPANSE — A flotilla of allied ships has established at the former coordinates of Deep Space 26 to broker association between the parties involved.

Ships from the Federation, Freeworlds and the Caraadian Houses have come together at the former site of DS26 in the spirit of cooperation. Investigations into the theft of the station have, as of yet, failed to yield any clue as to where in subspace the station was taken to, even with the joint efforts of the Flotilla’s various Astrometrics Labs.

“Somehow the data will give us what we need to find it,” said Lieutenant Commander Udro Nepra, the USS Atlantis’ Astrometrics officer. “It’s out there somewhere.”

After the arrival of the Starliner, Astral Paradise, Captain Brell arranged for a treat. The entire crew would be granted leave and use of the Starliner facilities. To celebrate the occasion, an organised Crew Appreciation Day allowed for a collective recognition among the crew. During this day-long event, Brell first showered the enlisted and junior officers with long overdue praise, and honour for their accomplishments.

Later on, the senior officers had their turn and many received promotions, and appreciation for their heroism in the rescue of Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga from the Consortium. The event was also the choice time and place for Lieutenant Maddi Hyden and Lieutenant JG Esa Darkkdust to announce their intent to marry, accompanied by the cheers of their crew.

Reports that the Consortium has seen setbacks in their business dealings across the Expanse is in large thanks to Atlantis’ efforts to discredit the criminal organization.


Written by Brell

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