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Crew of the USS Apollo-A Welcomed to StarBase 118 in Momentous Merger

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STARBASE 118 — StarBase 118 has welcomed on board the senior staff of the Odyssey-class USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) upon its return from deep space exploration operations within Delta Quadrant. The Apollo completed the tour of duty with prestige, and the existing crew transferred to the station to continue their work in the hopes to better service the Trinity Sector.

Reportedly, the Apollo’s timely arrival at StarBase 118 helped shut down a previously reported holoemitter virus that had plagued the station in hologram apparitions across all decks and sections. Working together, the combined crew succeeded in purging the virus from the system, neutralising the emitters, as well as catching the criminals involved in setting the virus loose in the computer.

“It was impressive!” commented Senior Chief Petty Officer Marla Jennings. “It was like those two crews had worked together for ages, just like clockwork it was!”

Rear Admiral Renos was notably absent from the official ceremony to conclude the transfer due to ongoing repercussions from their recent imprisonment, however, the Admiral ensured to send their praise and support to the merger. Transferring First Officer of the Apollo — Major Gogigobo Fairhug — took up the position of Marine Commanding Officer to the 292nd Iron Jaegers, based on board the station.

For their contribution and opportune actions, the crew were awarded several ribbons including the Captain’s Commendation, Innovation and Good Conduct Ribbons. Among the congratulations included the promotions of Ensign Malko to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and Lieutenant Arturo Maxwell to Lieutenant Commander.

With no casualties and all civilians quickly rescued from any holo-intruders, the combined crew was permitted an extended shore leave for the previously Apollo crew to explore and become familiar with their new home, and the StarBase 118 crew to relax after a tumultuous mission. Events and excursions included a starlight boat ride and some relaxing time spent at the local Bajoran temple.


Written by Sal Taybrim

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ufopsb118?d=yIl2AUoC8zA ufopsb118?i=CTSjK1o0CiE:gKnLoN_5DX8:D7Dq ufopsb118?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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