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JP - RAdml Toni Turner & Cmdr. Oddas Aria - Down to business

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What can I say about this JP? Except... D'awww. :)

(( Awards Ceremony ))

:: The crowd was getting thick, and with no other problems at hand, Aria's mind was free to obsess and worry about nothing about that crowd.  She grimaced and took a sip of her drink.  ::

Turner: ::  walking up, teasing her a little about her shyness::  Bracing yourself for giving out promotions? 

Oddas: To be honest, Toni, sometimes it's still a little ... foreign.  I'm a little surprised this what I do.

:: Aria shrugged and looked back out on the crowd. ::

Turner: :: facing the crowd with her::  I've always looked at it as one of the CO's more pleasant missions.

Oddas: Well, don't tell anyone, but sometimes I actually admit I like it quite a bit.

:: Aria gave Toni a humorous smile, then changed to something more genuine, she knew she owed a lot to the other woman: not everyone would look at a shy Engineer and say 'there's Command potential'. ::

Turner: I never asked you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself. Well, except the things I didn't know how to do, but you did. :: Toni had the monthly report forms in mind, not to mention engineering duties.:: The secret is to project your voice to the back of the assembly, and never let them see you sweat.

:: Turning to glimpse the podium, she asked.::

Turner: Is the comm on the podium working?

:: Aria looked at the podium toward the back of the room, as it was mostly holographic she had to assume it was working - otherwise, it would be a fairly bad trick and more realism than she cared to experience.  ::

Oddas: I would imagine so.

Turner: Mind if I check it for you? Technical difficulties will only make you more nervous.

:: Aria gestured toward the podium with her free hand and Toni took the podium smiling about what she was about to do. Projecting her soft voice with the aid of the comm, she called for attention.::

Turner: Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention, please.

:: It took a few moments for the crowd to settle down to quiet whispers and the music to stop playing in the background, but when it did, she began.::

Turner: Tonight we have gathered here on the USS Eagle for the promotions of some of the brightest, most competent officers in the fleet. Officers who work within the crew seeing to the safety of their crewmates and making decisions for the betterment of the ship and Starfleet as a whole. 

 Some will be from different species and different planets, but they all bring unique experiences from living life, and sharing them in a cooperative effort to bring peace and tranquility to the Galaxy. 

A few years ago, one such officer came to the Embassy on Duronis II. She was an unassuming, shy person, who sought no public attention or acclaim, but within her glowed a spark of potential that made her stand out from the rest. :: turning to Aria, smiling:: Yes, I'm talking about you. 

:: Aria fought back some embarrassment, forcing herself to remain standing still and not fidget, despite being the center of too much attention in the room. She let the Admiral continue. ::

Turner: Everything you did to better the crew and the Embassy allowed you to hit every mark for promotion. And this time you have hit the final mark that makes your days as a Commander come to an end. :: taking a small silver box from her pocket and removing a lone pip.:: I am pleased and proud to be the one to promote you to Captain. 
:: Pinning the fourth pip on Aria's collar, and hugging her congratulations, Toni turned back to the crowd, beginning the applause. Aria let herself smile and holding back her own emotions.  ::

Turner: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Captain Aria Oddas!

:: Stepping back and continuing her applaud with the others, tears of happiness began to well in Toni's eyes. Aria had met the potential and the next step up awaited her.  Aria looked around the room, friends, crew, family, applauding for her, and she was touched. :: 
Oddas: Toni, everyone, thank you very much.  I will spare you my normal long speech and just say, Thank You, I'm honored, and I will continue to strive to make you, and everyone proud of me.
Captain Oddas Aria
Commanding Officer
USS Eagle,  NCC-74659
ASDB Co-Facilitator / Training Team / Captains Council
Rear Admiral Toni Turner
Commanding Officer
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thor NCC-82607
Author ID number: E238209TT0
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