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Award Nominations process suggestions from 2018


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Last year, we added a question after the nominations form asking what you thought we could improve about the nominations process. Here are some of the questions we got and how we handled them: 

  • I'd really like, if it's possible, to be sent an email with my nomination submission on? I think that would improve it overall and help keep track of it.
    • We've added an email notification that sends you your nomination. Let me know what you think this year.
  • Make it easier to find the nomination page. A link on the forums or to the OOC lists, included in the nomination announcements, would be handy.
  • Not sure why the Picard Award has a box for a sim submission. To me, it is a purely OOC contribution to the group.
    • You're right. We're hiding that field for that award this year. 
  • Possibly just aesthetic changes. Make the form more attractive, possibly bigger font.
    • More attractive how? 
  • Was unable to submit nominations with adblock enabled.
    • Try turning Adblock off. 
  • It would be helpful to have a link on the awards nomination page to the Google Group, or the archive to assist in providing examples.
    • We've added links to the currently active ship Google Groups in the field where the sim link is requested.
  • Leaving award nominations open all year round, but promoting it just before the awards panel convenes. This makes it easier for players to nominate those whom are eligible for an award all year round, rather than madly rushing to find appropriate sims of those whom may be nominated only around award season.
    • We'll take this one under advisement! 
  • I would be more convenient if award descriptions were listed before the list of previous award winners.
    • think that's the way we do it now unless I'm misunderstanding your suggestion? For example: Prantares Ribbon.
  • It would be helpful to sort the list by award as well as by name.
  • Create a drop down option for 'non-stationed' players, like Wolf, so we don't have to pick random ships to nominate him or any others doing admin only.
    • Aww, thanks! Just put "Starbase 118 Ops" for me. 😃And for anyone else, use their last known ship. We prefer to keep it this way only because we don't want a situation where we add a "non-stationed" option and then folks start putting that for people who are on LOA – we'd rather make sure those nominations are routed to their most recent captain. Hopefully that makes sense? 
  • It would be nice if we could vote for multiple awards on the same page.
    • Couple people proposed this but I'm just not sure how to make it happen using the current form software we're using. The problem is that we need to be able to dispatch notifications to the user of the nomination they made, and also dispatch an award nomination notification to our email archive for each nomination, which isn't easy to do if we have more than one nomination on the page. But I recognize this is a bit of an annoyance and apologize for that. 
    • If anyone has ideas regarding how to make this work with GravityForms, let me know.
  • I'd love to see the option to summarize/describe a scene or story as reference to the nominee's simming, rather than trying to search through all the posted sims for the moment the nominator is thinking of. In many cases, I couldn't find it after about 15 minutes of search and gave up.
    • Sim links are not required.
  • Implementing a way of automatically checking if a proposed nominee has already received an award in the past might be an excellent, if challenging, implementation to look at in the future. Having a drop down of ships and their assigned crew members, with each member linked to a database of their awards from previous years might make this possible.
    • Not sure how to do this without quite a bit of development work which feels like it would lead us down a road of having to maintain a piece of software on our own, which we're not very good at. Hopefully the new spreadsheet makes it easier to find the people you're looking for with filter views?

Thanks to everyone who put in their suggestions! Keep 'em coming using the form! Feel free to also respond here with other suggestions or to follow-up on the items above.

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